Twitter Has Thoughts About This Unconventional Kitchen Sink

published Apr 11, 2023
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While kitchen sinks can vary in size, material, and features, most are usually the same shape. So it’s understandable that Twitter users reacted strongly to a strangely configured sink in one man’s kitchen.

Prior to replacing his kitchen sink and countertops, Brian Manzullo posted a photo to his Twitter account and the unique two-basin sink received a controversial response, with some users even drawing comparisons to a kitchen out of a Sims video game.

“Some personal news: We’re replacing our countertops tomorrow and I’m so excited, mainly because we get to remove this abomination of a kitchen sink,” he captioned the photo.

An abomination might’ve been a drastic exaggeration of the sink’s peculiar appearance, but it didn’t exactly receive a lot of love from Twitter users. “I can’t think of any good reason for why something like this exists,” someone commented. Meanwhile, others thought that it “belonged in a subreddit thread somewhere.” After a handful of comments hinted that the sink’s unusual shape is designated for cooking kosher products, Manzullo said that’s a possibility. 

“All we know is the previous owners used this house as a vacation rental,” he responded. “But even most kosher-compliant sinks aren’t designed like this; meanwhile corner sinks are. You can Google both if you don’t believe me.”

Once the sink was replaced the next day, Manzullo shared an update to his original tweet with a photo of the new kitchen sink and accompanying countertop. 

“Obviously we’ll need a backsplash — and the countertop needs fixing because it was cut a little too wide for the sink (hence the blue tape) — but the sink itself is functional,” he said in an update. “All is right with the world.”

All isn’t completely right with Manzullo’s sink, though, as the countertop was cut a bit too wide, but at least the new color of the countertop and stainless steel faucet brighten up the kitchen.