Costco’s Best-Selling Item Is One You Never Want to Run Out Of

published Oct 28, 2018
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(Image credit: Trong Nguyen)

Have you ever gone shopping and forgotten the one real item you went to the store for in the first place? Obviously, it happens to all of us. Even when you write down a list of “must get” items, you always manage to forget one thing. Maybe you didn’t actually check the cabinets before leaving, or it just totally slipped your mind when you put your pen to paper. Whatever happened, we’ve been there, and it stinks.

Well, if you’re shopping at Costco, their best-selling item is one you never want to be without. No, it isn’t their rotisserie chicken (though that should be a staple in your fridge). In fact, it isn’t a food item at all. The best-selling item at Costco is none other than toilet paper!

There is nothing worse than running out of toilet paper when you’re in the bathroom. So, it comes as no surprise that Costco shoppers want to load up on this item to always keep it in stock. You can get 30 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper from Costco’s Kirkland brand for $18.99 or 36 rolls of Ultra Soft for $25.99. Compared to Cottonelle’s Ultra Comfort Care 36-pack, you’d save an extra $6 for basically the same product. Every Costco shopper knows that Kirkland brand is the way to go for everything, from frozen foods to medicine, and more.

Costco sells more than a billion rolls of toilet paper a year, earning over $400 million on just that product alone. The warehouse retailer even uses a special tool to test their toilet paper’s whiteness.

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