This Is the Least-Crowded Time to Shop at Costco, According to Employees

published Mar 8, 2023
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With over 123 million card-carrying members, Costco is a place where a lot of people shop. If you want to avoid crowded aisles and long lines, here’s some advice from the company’s employees themselves.

On the subreddit r/Costco, someone recently asked the question, “What is factually the best time to go to Costco? Weekdays, weekends, sunny, rainy, snowy days?” The answer that most Redditors agreed on was Tuesdays at 10AM. Here’s why: 

“New items arrive and have been stocked, the chaos of the weekend has been cleared, children are in school, so there is less of a risk of running over one with your cart, first samples of the day are being handed out. It’s the best time to shop in the warehouse.”

For those who are busy during that small window, other Costco employees said that Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, mid-to-late afternoons, are also great for avoiding the masses. These are the hours wherein you’re shopping ahead of those who are still at work.

There were some who also recommended visiting the store an hour before closing on a weeknight. This is a good strategy if you don’t mind missing out on the free samples and items that are on high demand.

And if you really want to shop in peace, avoid going to Costco during these times: lunch hour, when customers are flocking to grab a pizza and soda. The weekends and holidays, obviously. Fridays, when people are stocking up for the weekend. Mondays, when people are stocking up for the week ahead, as well as when weekend shoppers come back to the store to return something or get a refund.

But the absolute best time to go, regardless of crowds and long lines? One user said it perfectly: “When you are craving a hot dog.”