Costco in China Is Next-Level and You Won’t Believe What It Sells

published Sep 12, 2023
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Credit: Alastair Wallace

Over on TikTok, people are suddenly doubting the quality of Costco in the U.S. after seeing the luxury items at a Costco in Hangzhou, China. In a video by content creator @candiseline86, we get a glimpse of the products available to Costco’s Chinese customers. Spoiler: it’s mind-blowing.

According to Candise, the most eye-catching items at the store were three $20,000 Hermes purses, which were all bought out in the first 20 minutes of opening. “Because it’s so rare that you can buy a Birkin without prior purchase history,” she explained.

There were also Burberry trench coats, Versace t-shirts, and Armani sweatshirts, all piled in stacks as if the items were fruits and veggies at a market rather than luxury goods at a boutique. These too sold well because prices are cheaper compared to elsewhere.

The store also sells Canada Goose down jackets, which are not even available at Costco Canada. As for footwear, the Hangzhou location offers sneakers from Converse, PLAT at CDG, and Alexander McQueen.

The difference in quality between the products sold in China’s Costco and other Costco around the world had many in disbelief. “This is wild,” reads a comment. Someone living in the U.S. added: “What we grab here is $4.99 roast chicken and $1.50 hotdogs.”

Others wondered why the products are so cheap compared to retail prices in the States. One explanation could be that because some luxury goods are made in China, they could be cheaper due to lower shipping and logistical costs. 

Here’s hoping Costco starts stocking Hermes bags or Armani sweatshirts in America.