Costco Has Sets of 8 Ramekins for Under $10

published Aug 18, 2023
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Any day there’s a new Costco must-have is a good day, and the latest one making the rounds is not only essential for any home chef or baker, but it’s also extremely affordable, versatile, and will look gorgeous in any kitchen.

Spotted by Laura of @costcohotfinds, the box of eight colorful ramekins by Overandback costs just $9.99, and if you don’t already have a set of ramekins in your kitchen arsenal, you’re going to want to head to Costco to pick one up — stat. While you might just think of them as the perfect vessel for crème brûlée (and you can be honest: How often are you whipping out a blow torch to make dessert?), these individual-sized baking cups can house so much more than a fancy French dessert.

As Laura herself shares, “I’m a sucker for ramekins and these are so big. You could use them to serve individual dinner sides. I’m thinking chicken pot pies for the winter. These are great for desserts and charcuterie boards, too. You can bake these up to 450 degrees. You can microwave them, and they’re dishwasher-safe.” And yeah, the vibrant shades of green, yellow, red, and blue certainly don’t hurt, but if you prefer a more neutral vibe, they also have a full set of eight in classic white.

Although they don’t appear to be sold online just yet, Costco fans in the comments section of Laura’s post are running to their local stores to stock up on this set of stackable ramekins. And if you want to save yourself the drive, there’s a similar six-piece set on Amazon for under $15.

“OVEN SAFE???? *runs to car*,” joked one person, while another asked, “Do you know if these are nationwide? Because I will load my kids and drive across town in 100°F for a set of these, but only if there’s a good chance of finding them.” (Pro tip from another commenter: You can always call your store to find out if they’re in stock.)

“I need the white ones. I use ramekins for dipping sauces, melting butter, butter mixes (honey butter, garlic butter), and serving small toppings for meals (green onions, etc.),” shared one user. Another noted that they make mini lasagnas in their ramekins, and yet another shared “bought the white ones and use them every day!”

Another summed it up perfectly, writing: “You are a hero finding these amazing finds for us. Not all heroes wear capes.”

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