This $40 Costco Fan Is a Must-Have for People Who Need One On to Sleep

published May 5, 2022
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Credit: Trong Nguyen

This one goes out to all the people who can’t sleep without having a fan on — no matter how cold your room is. Laura from the Costco fan Instagram account @costcohotfinds just shared their favorite fan to sleep with, which is currently back at Costco for just $39.99.

“I just spotted this Woozoo fan back at Costco and as someone who has to sleep with a fan on, I’ve used it every day since the day I bought it over a year ago,” Laura said in her video. “It has five speeds and I just love how it oscillates.”

The Woozoo fan also comes with a digital touch control panel, remote control, and a timer function which will switch the fan off at a designated time each day.

And Laura isn’t the only one who loves this Costco fan. “Have this and am obsessed. Sleep with it on every night!” one commenter wrote. Another added, “Best fan ever! I bought 3 last year and they still work perfectly.” And someone else wrote, “Oh the best fan ever!”

The only issue with the fan, as one person in the comments pointed out, is that the LED lights on the touch panel are pretty bright. Luckily, you can easily tape over the lights with washi or painter’s tape, or invest in LED light dimming stickers.

But the super smooth oscillation and 353-square-foot coverage make this fan one of the best. Plus, the small size means you can place it on your bedside table, or on the dresser across the room, and it’s not going to take up much space.

So if you’re looking to replace your bulky standing fan or kick that oversized tabletop fan to the curb, the Woozoo fan from Costco will become your new best friend.