If You’re Not Already Obsessed With The Cottagecore Trend, You’re About To Be

updated Jun 11, 2020
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Perhaps it’s a widespread desire to escape the current state of the world. Or maybe the quarantine has us comparing our current lives to those of our homesteading ancestors. Whatever it is, the #Cottagecore trend is on the rise and social media users are lusting over the idea of widespread fields, collecting herbs, and wearing floral prints—and honestly, it makes sense.

Cottagecore is a perfect mixture of warm-toned filters, twee crafts, and general springtime folly. Take, for example, this cottagecore bread making video from TikTok user @jesca.her:

And @feminist_fatale, donning vintage-inspired clothing, makeup, and hair, teaches her followers how to make sweet violet syrup from violet snips straight from the garden.

Though the vintage aesthetic has been adopted by many social media users throughout the years, cottagecore TikTok videos are a fresh spin on an old classic. One cottagecore creator, Catriona Brunnemann, who uploads bread-making tutorials to TikTok, tells Bustle that the trend “taps into this calm, kind, facet of life.”

And during this time in history when we’re being told to stay home and keep ourselves entertained, many are finding themselves picking up traditional crafts of yore like knitting, pressing flowers, embroidery, gardening, and even sachet making.

The trend shows how younger generations are harkening back to a simpler time when people appreciated the smaller things in life—be it due to the pandemic, climate change, or simply a desire for a homespun life. And it’s a trend that everyone can get involved with, no matter their financial situation. It’s free to enjoy the warmth of the sun and a fresh harvest of wildflowers ready for pressing.

So, if you’re getting sick and tired of the modern era and the toils and tribulations it throws our way, maybe it’s time to take a page from the lives of those who came before. Slow down, make some tea, throw on your best frolicking dress, and embrace life as if you lived in a country cottage. The idea alone feels like a breath of fresh air.