Courteney Cox on Which Room She Cleans the Most — and the Chore She “Dreads” Doing

updated Aug 17, 2023
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Credit: Angi Welsch

Known for her portrayal of cleaning-obsessed chef Monica Geller on Friends, actress and Homecourt founder Courteney Cox shares the same passion for organizing, cleaning, and tending to her home with the character she portrayed for almost a decade. Coupled with a love of interior design, Cox decided to dive into the home space in January 2022 with a specific focus on “homecare,” which focuses on tending to your space with care and enjoying the process. Just as people have made skincare routines a ritual, Cox aims to do the same thing with Homecourt. Several people on our staff, including our writer Nikol and myself, have gotten to try out multiple Homecourt products, and we’ve been completely won over by this elegant, fragrant line.

Since its launch, Homecourt has expanded with new products and scent offerings. In honor of the launch of the delicious, summer scent Mandarin Basile, which boasts notes of sparkling mandarin, spiced ginger, fresh green basil, and ripe fig, we chatted with Cox about the new scent, her least favorite chore, and her interior design style.

1. At Apartment Therapy, we’re very familiar with (and actively encourage) the idea of making your home a sanctuary, which is something we have in common with Homecourt. When did you get the idea for Homecourt and decide to start making that into a business?

I’ve always been passionate about my home and products in my home. But I got the idea to start Homecourt during the pandemic because of the increased use of cleaning products. I care about the way my home looks, so I wanted to design packaging that would look beautiful on any countertop. I also needed them to be safe for my family and pets and environmentally friendly… and just as important, I needed them to work and have a scent that I want to be surrounded by.

2. As someone who has personally tried your Cece-scented candle, I admire the way you curate your scents. The scents have such depth to them and seem to fulfill certain purposes. Could you tell me about Homecourt’s new scent, Mandarin Basile, and why you decided to add that to Homecourt’s scent lineup?

I always knew I wanted to launch a limited edition, summer-inspired scent to the lineup. When I think about summer, I think of cooking in the kitchen, making fresh foods, and entertaining friends and family in my home. Mandarin Basile is exactly that for me – with notes of sparkling mandarin, spiced ginger, and fresh green basil.

3. I’ve read that you do scentscaping. If someone lives in a small space, like a studio apartment, how would you recommend that they get into scentscaping? Should they use one scent in their main living space and another in their bathroom?

There are no rules to scentscaping. You can have a different scent in each space of your home. When creating a new scent, I specifically have in mind the way that they work together. For instance, in my lounge room/kitchen, I use Cece on my coffee table and only a few feet away, Cipres Mint on my countertop. I love having Rose on my bed and often use Neroli in the bathroom. I think Mandarin Basile is the perfect summer scent to work with or to compliment any of those.

4. If one of our readers wanted to try to start their homecare journey, how would you suggest they begin? And with what Homecourt product would you recommend?

I think candles are one of the easiest ways to elevate your home. It will instantly transform any space. But my current favorite Homecourt product is definitely the Room Deodorants we launched earlier this year. They help to reduce and neutralize odors while leaving behind a fine fragrance that actually lasts. I also love our surface cleaner. They smell so nice and work so well, it actually makes cleaning enjoyable and the scent lingers.

5. How would you describe your interior design style? And what’s the room in your home you go into when you want to relax?

I would describe my style as relaxed and comfortable with a mixture of vintage and modern pieces. I am drawn towards rich earth tones and natural woods. I spend most of my time in my lounge room/kitchen but I have a sitting room off of my bedroom that is most definitely the most quiet, cozy room in the house.

6. What is your favorite room or area to clean? On the other end of the spectrum, what is the cleaning chore you dread the most?

The room I clean the most is the kitchen. I find myself starting on one side of the island and go[ing] in a complete circle. Kind of like the Golden Gate Bridge, the maintenance never ends. The chore I dread the most is cleaning the oil stains off of my stone floors.

7. Clutter can really disrupt a home and cause stress. How do you tackle clutter or messes in your space?

I HATE clutter! My favorite drawer is the one that’s empty. I think it’s best to clean as you go as opposed to having to do it all at once. It leaves you feeling less overwhelmed.