These 9 Bed Skirt Alternatives Will Boost the Style—and Conceal the Storage—in Your Bedroom

updated May 26, 2023
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There are definitely two types of people in the world; the type who can’t imagine a bed looking just right without a bed skirt, and the type who see no need for one. Are you #teambedskirt or no? If not, maybe you’d consider a bed skirt alternative. Think about it: there are plenty of ways to style your bed: there are comforters, duvets, throw pillows, and so much more. But that aesthetic can continue to the floor even if you don’t want to use a bed skirt. 

Bed skirts aren’t exactly new, and as the minimalist bedroom has gained traction, many people have opted to forgo them entirely for a more streamlined look. If you have a box spring, utilitarian bed frame, or just need to store lots of things under your bed, then you still might want some kind of a solution to obscure or hide this area.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market. You can find bed skirts that look nothing like the ruffled, frilly ones you remember, or you can completely swap them out for things like under-the-bed storage solutions or platform beds. To give you a few ideas, consider these seven bed skirt alternatives for modernizing your bed and replacing the standard bed skirt.

1. Cover it with fabric.

There’s no need for a bedskirt when the underside of your bed looks this beautiful. Here, @JMSredesigns added an attractive upholstered side to this queen bed for a clean look that’s not cluttered. 

2. Install rattan drawers.

Creating storage under the bed is such an obvious bed skirt alternative if you’re dealing with a small space; but it doesn’t have to look cluttered, as proves here. These spacious rattan drawers tie beautifully with the rest of the room, but also create plenty of space for belongings.

3. Add a platform.

Here’s a fun bed skirt alternative from @reztoreronline: add a beautiful mid-century platform that surrounds your bed. Not only will it be easier to get in and out, there’s no place for unsightly clutter or a wrinkled bedskirt.  

4. Get creative with storage.

While the aim of a skirt is to hide a bed frame or unsightly clutter, why not show the underbelly of your bed in a unique way? That’s the case in this Santa Barbara studio, which features a line up of wooden crates under the bed. You and visitors know that you’re probably storing stuff under your bed anyway, so show it off with cool wooden crates, colorful boxes, or wire baskets.

5. Stray from stuffy skirts.

If you still love the look of a bed skirt, you can make some changes to keep it modern and fresh. Blogger Seana Freeman of Geeky Glamohemian worked in this boho-style skirt, which she found on Etsy. “I got it to add a romantic feel to the room and also hide an ugly bed frame,” she says.

6. Make your skirt a statement.

Forget outdated ruffles or boring bed skirts and opt for a lacy crochet design like the one the renters of this boho loft incorporated. Try to find fun materials, interesting textures, and unique patterns, which will instantly spice up your bed’s look.

7. Install a set of drawers.

The bed frame in this Quebec home takes away the need for a bed skirt and prevents any urge to just haphazardly push things under your bed. With built-in storage, you kill two birds with one stone and keep things looking neat and tidy.

8. Get a lengthy duvet.

A floor-skimming duvet, like seen in this Guadalajara home, means one less piece of bedding to maintain. Put on a new, oversized duvet in a pattern you adore and you’ll have a bed-skirt-comforter, all in one.

9. Incorporate a canopy.

For a solution that’s as dreamy as it is efficient, take note of what these Dutch homeowners did. They hung an ethereal canopy from the ceiling in their bedroom, which draws the eye upward while also draping over—and obscuring—that area beneath the bed. Genius!