These Gorgeous Dish Towels Are Stylish, Super Absorbent, and the Chicest Addition to My Kitchen

published Jul 18, 2023
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Coyuchi Waffle Kitchen Towels
Credit: Coyuchi

If there’s one kitchen essential I’ve never been too precious about, it’s a dish towel. I’ve used the same generic dollar store towels for years and have never thought twice about it. In fact, I was never even big on investing in any bathroom or beach towels, let alone kitchen towels. However, once I began writing for Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, I became exposed to the world of beautiful bath towels (some that I can no longer live without) and it got me thinking, “Should I be looking into higher-quality kitchen towels, too?” Initially, I reasoned that a dish towel is probably just a dish towel — there can’t be much improvement to such a simple staple. However, much like my bathroom towel experiments, I came to find that that was anything but true. The towels that made me a believer in investing in your kitchen towels? The Organic Waffle Kitchen Towels from Coyuchi.

What are the Coyuchi Organic Waffle Kitchen Towels?

Made from pure, yarn-dyed organic cotton grown and woven in India, these kitchen towels are the perfect pick for anyone looking for something with durability, style, and absorbency. At first glance, these towels look like any old stylish set of kitchen towels with a smooth basket weave design — but the magic happens with your first use. The first time you use and wash these towels, this smooth weave design “puckers” into a tight, high-performance waffle texture that absorbs water better than most other kitchen towels out there. Essentially, these towels gain sponge-like absorbency, minus the drips that come with a regular kitchen sponge.

Credit: Coyuchi

Why I Love the Coyuchi Organic Waffle Kitchen Towels

When I first got these towels, I was hopeful that they’d be better than my dollar-store find, but I didn’t expect to be blown away by them. Firstly, they’re stunning. The waffle weave, beautiful colorways, and striped design accents made them something I loved to see hanging in my kitchen. But the real wow factor came once I put them to the test. As promised, these towels did “pucker” (read: shrink) after the first use and wash. What I found was that, after this, they somehow became even more absorbent than they were the first time, while still retaining their chic look and softness. After about two weeks of using only these towels, I swapped them out for my previous towels and couldn’t believe the difference. It was then I swore that my kitchen would officially be a Coyuchi kitchen.

Complete with six dish towels in your choice of five color combinations, these magical towels come in at $58. Now, I know this might be more than you’re used to spending on kitchen towels (believe me, I felt the same way), but after a couple of weeks (nay, days?) with these towels, I know you’ll understand the hype.