I’m Obsessed with This Oprah-Loved Brand’s Dreamy, Limited-Edition Linen Duvet Cover — It’s on Sale for 45% Off

updated Dec 1, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

In the grand scheme of who I am, there’s one defining factor: I’m all about a vibe. I drop this phrase a lot in conversation, and it’s not just casual chatter. To me, success hinges on a killer ambiance, especially within the comfort of my bedroom. Everything, from the linens to the lights to the furniture, must pass the test, ensuring it’s both cozy and visually appealing.

Luckily, being a shopping writer means I get to play around with items like bedding to see if it vibes with me — yeah, cough passes my vibe check cough. Honestly, only a handful of items make the cut, but when they do, you know they’re something special. Enter exhibit A: the Cozy Earth Bamboo Linen Duvet Cover. It’s been the reigning champ of my bed for a solid six months, and the only time it takes a break is for a quick wash. Why? Well, this cover just keeps getting better, and it’s on sale right now for 45% off!

What Is the Cozy Earth Linen Bamboo Duvet Cover?

Crafted with a special blend of bamboo-derived viscose, this limited edition duvet cover promises a relaxed linen aesthetic with a pampered touch. The magic lies in its breathability and temperature-regulating properties, which allow it to have a refreshing coolness in the summer and a snug warmth throughout the winter. The best part is that its unique material gets softer with every wash, delivering a consistent increase in comfort over time that makes it a fantastic bedroom addition.

Credit: Haley Lyndes

Why I Love the Cozy Earth Linen Bamboo Duvet Cover

I have a thing for linen — its natural charm and comfort make it a top pick for my bedding. So, when I was handed this duvet to test, my immediate response was a straightforward “yes, please.” However, the reality didn’t align with my expectations. The initial duvet lacked the classic linen look I was after, and it was very oversized for my bed. After a wash and a second chance, though, my perspective changed. Each wash brought out more of that desired linen aesthetic, and the size significantly shrank. What sealed the deal for me were the practical features: snap closures for a secure fit (no annoying ties!), and a discreet zip closure that blends into the overall design. All I wish is that they would have more color options so I could get another to match my bedroom! I love this duvet, and for more than $140 off its original ticketed price, it’s a steal.

Buy: Cozy Earth Linen Bamboo Duvet Cover, $145 (originally $319)