20 Simple DIY Crafts to Try at Home (That You Can Do in One Day)

published Jul 26, 2022
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During the summer, there is enough downtime that everyone (kids and adults alike!) could use a fun craft to try at home. It’s a time to unplug from devices, interact with other people, and have the opportunity to make something at home. 

In need of some crafty inspiration? Check out these 20 simple DIY crafts to try at home. 

1. Colorful Vases 

Don’t know what to do with those empty food cans of corn or beans? There’s a simple way to transform trash into colorful vases, pencil holders, or containers of your choice. Take the empty can, clean it out completely, dull the sharp edges, and choose your favorite wallpaper to wrap around the vessel. Voila: You have a colorful new accent to your desk, dinner table, or nightstand! 

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2. Custom Planters or Pots

If you love displaying flowers or plants and have a few plain terracotta planters that you’d like to update, all you need is some paint and stencils (or go freehand!). Don’t want to break out the painting supplies? You can use a glue gun to decorate the pot to your liking instead. 

3. Clay Jewelry Dish

Instead of paying money for a jewelry dish, you can make your own at home. You will need a few supplies to make this customized dish. Polymer clay, a doily, and oven-proof bowls are some of the materials you’ll need, but these aren’t hard to find. In a matter of a few hours, you will have a beautiful jewelry dish. 

4. Photo Collage Letters

If you’re looking for a way to marry your crafting with a new home decor, you’ll love these photo collage letters. It will require a trip to your favorite craft store to purchase Mod Podge and papier mache letters, and you’ll need to print out your favorite photos. You can place these letters anywhere in the house and instantly spruce up your space!

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5. Painted Rock Paperweights

You can design your own paperweights and let them accessorize your desk or wherever you feel the need to see your favorite quotes. You’ll just need flat rocks, paints, and a white gel pen. This craft is not only easy, but inspirational too. 

6. Recycled CD Coasters

If you were a music fan in the ’80s or ’90s, you probably have plenty of CDs stored in a container somewhere around your home. Give these CDs a new, practical (and colorful!) use by painting them and making them into coasters

7. Mason Jar Photo Frames

Mason jars have multiple uses. For those who want to display their photos with a vintage look, these mason jar photo displays offer a unique take on a snapshot in a frame. All you need is marbling medium, black and white photos, and of course, some mason jars. 

8. Glitter-Dipped Wine Glasses

Sometimes you want to dress up an ordinary wine glass. There’s an easy way to do so without breaking the bank. You can thrift some inexpensive wine glasses or take the ones you have and give them an instant makeover by adding some glitter to the lower half. You will need Mod Podge and extra fine glitter, as well as painter’s tape. 

9. Paper Flower Wreath

Don’t think empty toilet paper rolls could have a purpose? Think again: You can recycle these rolls into a paper wreath. All you need is some glue and a collection of empty toilet paper rolls. Assembly is easy and within minutes you have a paper flower wreath

10. 3D Graphic Clay Mugs

Want to jazz up an old mug? With polymer clay, you can make cute, 3D designs of stars, rainbows, or anything of your choice and create a new mug. You will need to buy the clay and schedule time to bake your mugs. 

11. Colorful Clothespin Trivets

With some paint and clothespins, you can create colorful trivets. This DIY craft is easy to make with materials that are easily found at the local supermarket, where you can also pick up the ingredients for the dish you’ll be serving on this snazzy new trivet.

12. Mirror Boxes

If you want to house your plants in a fun little box, attach some small mirrors with a glue gun and within minutes you have a new container. These mirrored boxes can also hold other supplies like pens and pencils and utensils. Not much know-how is required, other than a trip to the craft store. 

13. Personalized Drinking Glasses

Mason jars are versatile. If you’re looking to give a personalized gift to a friend or family member, consider etching a single initial on a mason jar. You will need to obtain etching cream, a paint brush, and a mason jar. 

14. Marble Trays

Mini trays can always come in handy and they’re relatively easy to make with a trip to the hardware store. The materials you need for this craft include a marble tile, drawer pulls, rubber bumpers, and a strong multi-surface glue. You can have fun creating various trays with different marble tiles — keep the iterations for own dresser, or gift them to friends. 

15. Lacquered Jewelry Box

Crafts at home can have a personal flair. With a wood box, agate coasters (you can find these in most home decor stores), wood filler, paint, and glass spray, you can create a pretty container for jewelry or other keepsakes. 

16. Macrame Wall Hanging

This wall hanging looks like it is difficult to make, but it really isn’t. All you need is twisted macrame rope, a 48-inch long wooden dowel, and scissors. The most time intensive task with this craft is cutting the rope to the right lengths. After you’ve cut the rope, you can start making knots, and then within a few hours you have a new bohemian macrame wall hanging

17. Coiled Rope Basket

You can never have too many storage spots around the house. This coiled rope basket can store books, magazines, or anything of your choosing. You will need a thick piping cord, a glue gun, metal vessel, and parchment paper. Once you start coiling the rope around the vessel, within minutes you will have a pretty basket for storage. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

18. Garden Markers

If you have trouble keeping track of what is growing where in your garden, these quick and cute garden markers may be exactly what you need. All you need are some wooden kitchen spoons, patio acrylic paint, foam brushes, and sharpie pens. These colorful spoons will add a little pizazz to your garden. 

19. Hanging Shelf

Creating your own shelf may seem like a complicated craft, but all it takes is a piece of wood, macrame cord, and a drill. Take a few measurements and within minutes you have a shelf ready to populate with your favorite picture frames. 

20. Felt Ball Coaster 

This is a simple craft that you can even do with your kids. Grab some small felt balls and cork coasters and a glue gun. Colorful felt coasters can accentuate a coffee table or make tea time with a friend that much more fun.