5 of the Weirdest, Creepiest Items Renovators Have Found Behind Walls

published Oct 31, 2022
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Woman removing drywall during a home renovation
Credit: Joshua Rainey Photography/Shutterstock

Who among us hasn’t imagined uncovering a vast stash of cash or piles of treasure while completing a DIY renovation? Sure, daydreaming about uncovering something of value while demoing the walls of your home is a good way to pass the time — and maybe the only way you’ll be able to offset the cost of your home renovation project — but not everyone is lucky enough to find something of worth in their walls.

In fact, sometimes people uncover some downright creepy things while working on their home. In honor of spooky season, I scoured Reddit and Twitter to find DIYers with hair-raising finds to share. Below, these are the five that’ll make you scream.

Razor blades

Many a homeowner has uncovered a hidden stash of double-sided razors while renovating the wall behind their bathroom medicine cabinet. It’s such a common find that there are multiple Reddit threads dedicated to the discovery.

“This was incredibly common,” one Redditor explained, adding their own story into the mix. “When my parents redid their kitchen, they found a razor blade wall, too. Recessed medicine cabinets used to have slots in the back, where the razors were disposed of after use. The razors would just pile up inside the walls.” 


Meredith S., a Denver resident, said that her landlord’s discovery in the house she and her roommate share was straight out of the Upside Down. “My landlord just had drywall replaced in my roommate’s bedroom and there were roots growing in the walls, looked like something out of ‘Stranger Things,’” Meredith revealed. 

A Spiritual Conversation Starter

When Delaware construction pro Don A. offered to help his sister demo the walls in a fixer-upper, the pair were shocked (and spooked) by their supernatural find.  After knocking down a wall, the duo found a chilling discovery at the bottom of a six-inch gap in the wall.

“Placed on the floor, upside down, was a Ouija board,” Don explained. The siblings decided to err on the side of caution and get the board as far away from the house as possible. “We drove out to the woods and buried it there, not wanting it to fall into the wrong hands.”

Insulation Alternatives

While it wasn’t scary, a central Pennsylvania family made an unusual discovery while trying to renovate the basement of a fixer-upper. “When we started tearing away the paneling, we discovered there was insulation, but not the ‘typical’ kind: The wall was stuffed top-to-bottom with sanitary pads,” Karen C. explained. “We all had to stop working because we were doubled over laughing.”

A Forgotten Happy Hour

During a college renovation job, Matt S. uncovered a stash of empty beer bottles and a surprising note while removing plaster and lathe from the walls.

“It was about six bottles, and the note read that one of the workers had a birthday on the Friday of that week, so the crew all had a beer,” he explains. “What did we do? We had a six pack, added another note, left the previous note, and drywalled the wall back up.” We have a feeling this story will end up part of its own renovation finds thread some day!