Twitter Is Obsessing Over This Croissant-Shaped Sofa

published Feb 24, 2022
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Various frozen croissants brands laid out.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have plenty of love in their hearts for croissants. Of course, bread in general is a pretty perfect food (ask Oprah), but there’s something special about a flaky, buttery, crispy croissant that has its place on the table at every meal.

Tried and true croissant lovers, you’re in for a serious treat. Twitter user @kursolo scored a viral tweet recently, sharing two stunning photos of “the croissant sofa,” a sofa that looks exactly like the Austrian (not French!) speciality created by Russian-born interior designer and furniture architect Roman Plyus, who debuted his croissant-shaped sofa on social media in May 2021. Plyus has recently made the sofa available for purchase, though it’s unclear how much it costs. That said, carb lovers the world over are rightfully obsessed with it, and it would truly make the perfect addition to any room — especially when paired with Catbird’s croissant lamp that’s made from an actual baked croissant coated in resin. Baked goods-inspired furniture FTW.

The viral tweet inspired by the croissant sofa quickly racked up thousands of likes and retweets, with one user in the replies sharing photos of butter and bacon-inspired pillows that would pair perfectly with the quirky “croissofa,” as some users nicknamed the expertly toasted sofa.

Some joked that if they had the croissant sofa in their living room, they might try to eat it — particularly after imbibing in a few cocktails or other substances of choice. Of course, not everyone is a fan — as one less impressed user put it, “I don’t need furniture that’s gonna make me hungry every time I step into the room.”

No matter how you (ahem) slice it, there’s simply no denying that the croissant sofa makes for a dream statement piece that visitors to your home surely won’t forget.