Here’s the Crystal That Will Speak Most to Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Expert

published May 14, 2021
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Crystals are seemingly everywhere — from home decor shops to specialty boutiques, and assorted wellness spaces. Whether you’re fully immersed in crystal healing, are crystal-curious, or more in it for the aesthetic, finding the right crystal for you can be transformational and set the tone for your wellbeing.

The belief that holding crystals or placing them near you to promote emotional and spiritual healing goes back hundreds and even thousands of years — essentially, almost as long as these precious stones have been around. Their properties are believed to carry powerful healing properties for the mind, body, and soul.

“Each crystal has their own particular vibration and frequency,” Jennifer DelGuercio, a crystal healer and the owner of Botany Crystals, tells Apartment Therapy. “These vibrations work with our own energy to uplift our mood, emotions, and activate or balance our chakras, which are the energy vortexes in our bodies.”

There are many ways you can integrate crystals into your daily routine and within your space, including using them for intention-setting rituals. The first step, however, is determining which crystal resonates best with your spiritual journey in order to bolster the effects — and looking to the stars can be a useful place to start.

Each zodiac sign has thematic patterns and natural traits that can be complemented by a particular crystal. While some of these gemstones boost creativity and inspiration, others are protective and grounding. For this reason, I tapped DelGuercio’s expertise on the best crystals to foster positivity and purpose according to your zodiac sign. With this, you can start or add to your crystal collection in a way that best reflects you.

Aries: Carnelian

As the first sign of the zodiac, you are a born leader. You’re always starting new projects, thinking ahead, and initiating positive change. Carnelian mirrors your traits as a confident and headstrong fire sign. This glassy orange-red stone restores vitality and gives you a boost of courage to pursue your many dreams. ”Carnelian is the perfect stone to aid Aries through new beginnings and to keep them motivated for success,” DelGuercio says. Keep Carnelian beside you as you supercharge your energy so you can stay laser-focus on what matters most to you.

Taurus: Malachite

As a lover of luxury and aesthetics, you probably have an abundant crystal collection already — and it’s time to add Malachite if you don’t already own it. This pleasing green opaque stone is a catalyst for creating change and letting go of the past. As a fixed sign in the zodiac, you can get locked in your own ways and limit yourself as a result. In order to reach your highest potential, creating a foundation of self-love and acceptance is key. “Malachite activates the heart chakra and opens the heart for unconditional love,” DelGuercio says. “This will help support Taurus as they embrace the change that will bring them to the next chapter of their life.”

Gemini: Celestite

Here, there, and everywhere — that’s you in a nutshell, Gemini. Because of your duality, you’re energetic, open-minded, and have many different interests. A high vibrational stone like Celestite stimulates and supports your growth by encouraging higher awareness of yourself and deeper desires. “While Geminis are excellent communicators, Celestite will support the throat chakra and help them overcome indecisiveness,” DelGuercio adds. “This is essential for Geminis and working with this stone will help Geminis focus on what is best for them.” Note: Keep this gorgeous delicate blue stone out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Cancer: Moonstone tourmaline

As a moonchild born under Cancer, you are a sensitive soul who feels connected to nature and all of its cycles. So, it only makes sense that moonstone tourmaline resonates with you on a deep level. By creating a sense of grounding, you can use moonstone tourmaline to help awaken your intuitive gifts and natural psychic abilities. It’s when you feel most connected to your higher self that you can expand your mind and spread your light to the universe. 

Leo: Tiger’s Eye

You’re ruled by the sun and it shows through your fiery energy, beaming personality, and fearless approach to life. You need a crystal companion that can not only keep up with your spirited self, but will also inspire your best qualities so you can truly *shine.* Enter: Tiger’s Eye. This golden-brown stone is also associated with the sun and is thought to bestow confidence and self-empowerment. It’s through this energy that you can feel supported and connected to yourself and your vitality so you can charge ahead on all of your aspirations — and of course, bask in the spotlight.

Virgo: Amethyst

You are wise beyond your years, Virgo. Someone as sensible and grounded as you knows that in order to be your best self, connecting your mind, body, and soul  is crucial. In order to cultivate this, it’s important to de-stress and take plenty of me-time. “Being the highly analytical thinkers they are, Virgos benefit from the spiritual wisdom of Amethyst,” DelGuercio says. “The calming and clarifying qualities of Amethyst soothe the Virgo mind, [which can be] anxious and critical [when out of balance].” Remember, you must tend to your own needs before you serve others.

Libra: Ametrine

A happy Libra is a balanced Libra — and what better way to encourage balance than the crystal Ametrine? “Two crystal powerhouses (amethyst and citrine) combine to form a crystal that cleanses and boosts creativity, while bringing peace to the Libra’s indecisive mind,” DelGuercio says. You feel best when things are harmonious and in sync, which then leads to confident decision-making. This has a domino effect, Libra, and as a result, your relationships will improve, you’ll feel more focused, and a boost of self-esteem will follow. Not to mention, this pretty purple stone is totally Instagrammable, and we all know your home — and you — embody a real-life mood board.

Scorpio: Labradorite

Ask a Scorpio about their values, and honesty and truthfulness will almost certainly make the list. You strive to understand the depths of your own nature and how you can assert your place in the world. That’s why labradorite is the perfect match to your characteristics and deeper values. This deep blue-green stone is connected to the crown and third eye chakras, which are responsible for illuminating truth and higher wisdom. Labradorite is also a stone of transformation — as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of hidden power, a physical reminder of that change can aid in your own healing, letting go of wrongdoings, and taking charge of your goals.

Sagittarius: Lepidolite

As the archer, you are swift, strong, and always on point for what’s true to you. You inspire others to live freely and ask themselves the bigger questions for making the most of life. Lepidolite is just the crystal you need for your expansive mind and energy. Not only does it cater to your feel-good vibes, but it also paves the way for emotional healing by inspiring stability in your spontaneous nature. We know feelings can be scary, but tapping into them helps you cast your light and optimism out into the world. Pro-tip: carry some travel-sized Lepidolite to bring along on all your adventures!

Capricorn: Citrine

Highly ambitious and determined, you don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your goals. Others admire your grit and humble attitude towards all the impressive work that you do.

The only thing missing is a sidekick like Citrine to promote abundance and prosperity in your pursuits. “This stone is perfectly suited for the driven Capricorn to help achieve their ever-increasing goals,” DelGuercio says. “Citrine also balances their perfectionist tendencies by improving self-esteem and confidence.” It is thought that this golden stone activates the solar plexus and navel chakras so you may tap into your inner fortitude in all facets of life — while staying grounded in the process. (Just be sure you’re picking up a piece of natural citrine when you source your pick, DelGuercio cautions, as much of what is on the market is heat-treated amethyst.)

Aquarius: Aquamarine

As the visionaries of the zodiac, you are creative, progressive, and a tad eccentric. To you, there’s no idea that’s too far-fetched or out there, especially when it involves healing our larger communities. A crystal like aquamarine can help you transform your visions into reality with confidence and clear priorities. Its sparkling ocean-blue color can inspire you to go with the flow and avoid becoming overwhelmed in your pursuits. When you heal yourself through balancing your mind, body, and spirit, you can put things into action with purpose — and of course, live your highest form of self-expression. 

Pisces: Black Tourmaline

You are naturally intuitive and empathetic, and often feel the well-being of others is your responsibility. While this makes you an excellent confidant, it is also important to protect your own energy. Black Tourmaline is thought to be a protection crystal, and setting boundaries is paramount for guarding your own wellbeing. “Black Tourmaline is the perfect protection stone for Pisces who tend to be overly generous,” DelGuercio says. “This crystal makes it easier for them to set boundaries so they can concentrate their energy more on themselves.” Remember, Pisces: you can’t pour from an empty cup. It is important to nourish yourself so you can then impart your wisdom to help others on their own healing journeys.