You Can Now Buy a Pair of Slippers That Look Just Like Your Dog

published Jan 12, 2019
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(Image credit: Cuddle Clones)

What dog lover doesn’t want to wear their pet’s face on them every day? Every proud pet owner wants to show off their furry friend any way they can. Now, pet owners can get a pair of custom slippers to show off their undying love of their pet.

Cuddle Clones, a company known for selling stuffed versions of your beloved pets, now sells custom pet slippers. You can get a pair of slippers from the company that looks like your dog, your cat, and even your horse! Cuddle Clones sells these slippers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with how they turn out, you can and will get your money back. Right now, the slippers have 14 reviews on the website and 4.93 stars out of 5.

In order to make your own pair of slippers, you will need to create an account on Cuddle Clones. After making an account, you will set up a profile for your pet, where you enter their name, species, and breed. After that, you’ll need to upload a series of photos of your dog from different angles, so Cuddle Clones can really get the best imaging of your dog, cat, horse, or other species.

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Cuddle Clones, $199 (Image credit: Cuddle Clones)

You’ll need to upload clear photos of:

  • Your pet’s face
  • A close up of your pet’s fur
  • Your pet’s right side
  • Your pet’s left side
  • Your pet’s backside
  • Your pet’s chest
  • Your pet’s tail

Then you can select your pet’s eye color, how their ears sit on their head, and you can even leave a note of up to three special characteristics about your pet. This is the best way to help show Cuddle Clones what makes your pet unique!

Now, these slippers do not come cheap. But is there really a price tag on what you’ll spend to show off your adorable dog? You can order a custom pair for $199. It takes 8 weeks for your customized slippers to ship out because making a pair of slippers that look exactly like your pet is no easy feat.

However, if 8 weeks isn’t fast enough, you can pay for expedited shipping. For 6 weeks, it will be an extra $29, for 4 weeks it will be $59, and for 2 weeks it will be $129 extra.

To create your slippers, you can head to Cuddle Clones website to start your order.