Quick Tip: Cut Notebooks In Half For Kids

updated Jul 23, 2020
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071712-notebooks.jpg Whether your kids are using notebooks to record their summer adventures, journaling their road trips or you just want to stock up for the start of school, young kids don’t usually use all the paper in their notebooks. Over at Dishing it Out there’s a chorus of teachers and moms joining in on the simple idea of cutting a notebook in half.

How’s it done you ask? The idea is simple, just take your notebooks to your local hardware store and ask them to run them across the table saw (if you don’t already own one). Where print shops charge more to run their cutters, places like Home Depot will do it for free or twenty-five cents. It’s as easy as that and now you have two notebooks instead of one.

They’re the perfect size for smaller hands and to keep them chowing through those pages with drawings and stories without losing interest. Make sure to check out the comments over at Dishing it Out for more ways to cut spiral bound versions as well.

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(Image: Cutting Up)