Cleaning Checklists for an Under-Control Kitchen: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Cleaning Checklists for an Under-Control Kitchen: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Shifrah Combiths
Mar 3, 2014

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The kitchen, the heart of the home. It's one of the most used rooms of the house — and frankly, it's probably crawling with more germs than any other. Following is a breakdown of tasks that will help keep your kitchen sparkling every day, week, month and year.


  • Empty dishwasher and dish drainer, as necessary.
  • Wash dirty dishes as they happen.
  • Wipe spills from counters, floors, and appliances.
  • Clean counters.
  • Sweep floor.
  • Run dishwasher, as necessary.
  • Wash out sink.
  • Set out clean rag for the next day.


  • Sort through leftover items in the fridge.
  • Clean outside of appliances.
  • Clean inside microwave.
  • Thoroughly disinfect the sink and clean faucets.
  • Sanitize sponges.
  • Mop floors.
  • Replace dish towels with clean ones.


  • Inventory pantry items to see what's outdated and what needs to be restocked.
  • Take inventory of freezer items that need to tossed, eaten soon, or restocked.
  • Clean out refrigerator and wipe down shelves and drawers.
  • Clean inside of dishwasher if necessary.
  • Clean dish drainer drip pan.
  • Spot-clean grout.


  • Clean refrigerator coils. Unplug first.
  • Clean under refrigerator.
  • Clean oven.
  • Sort through and organize cooking utensils, pans, etc. Get rid of anything broken or unused (barring seasonal items) and duplicates.
  • Take inventory of spices and supplements, toss ones that are too old, and take note of what needs replenishing.
  • Look at your dishware. Toss anything chipped. Chipped items sap energy, according to feng shui.
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