Dan & Alan’s Modern Abode

published Oct 23, 2014
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(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Name: Dan Maddox + Alan Rauta of Cromatti
Location: West Los Angeles, California
Size: 2,200 square feet
Years lived in: 7 years—Own

Dan and Alan have been enjoying this modern and airy two-story home for about seven years. With ample room for entertaining, an indoor/outdoor shower combo and an outdoor gym, they have everything they could need under (and outside of) one roof. Together, they founded Cromatti, a modern furniture design company, which started soon after they custom designed their first piece of furniture for their own home— the family-sized kitchen table.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Dan and Alan’s house combines linear modern edges and fun touches of pattern and color. They are not afraid to breathe some emotion in to every inch of the house, whether it’s their dark moody guest room or the different accent lights that appear throughout the home. Though they have poured much love and attention into the design of the house, Dan says the single most significant thing in the house is his portrait of his sister, Enzia Farrell.

The most essential aspect of designing this home revolved around the kitchen and having plenty of storage, which they achieved tenfold. This house is made for Southern California weather. The master bath has my dream shower: It accommodates two people, doubles as a steam room and opens to the outside for “outdoor” showering. I also really love that they created an outdoor gym! I asked them how Los Angeles may have affected their personal design aesthetic and they said that they believe that LA always offers something new to explore and that their “lifestyle has become a reflection of that.”

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: California, Westside cool

Inspiration: A modern environment with a sense of heritage

Favorite Element: Lighting

Biggest Challenge: Creating an open space with enough storage

What Friends Say: “Where’d you get this?”

Biggest Embarrassment: Our low microwave proved to be baby-friendly (depending on how you look at it). The open button seems to be endless entertainment for toddlers.

Proudest DIY: Our dining table, it was our inspiration for starting Cromatti

Biggest Indulgence: Keeping all the stuff not on display in storage

Best Advice: Flea Markets, Thrift stores and yard sales.

Dream Sources: Boca Do Lobo

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Resources of Note:


  • White interior: Behr Ultra Wheat Bread (Flat)
  • Powder room: Behr Marquee Early Spring (Flat)
  • Bedroom 1: Behr Ultra Vintage Velvet (Flat)
  • Bedroom 2: Custom color match
  • Bedroom 3: Behr Marquee Misty Isle (Flat)


  • Rug: Flor carpet tiles
  • Bench: Cromatti
  • Frame: Target
  • Table: Cromatti


  • Bust: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Chines table: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Bowl: painted by Enzia Farrell
  • Table: Cromatti
  • Powder Room
  • Artwork: Zazzle
  • Mirror: Cb2


  • Night stands: custom made
  • Lamps: Star furniture
  • Headboard: custom made
  • Teal table: Cromatti
  • Lamp: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Lampshade: Target
  • Rug: Turkey
  • TV cabinet: Ikea


  • Tatami mats: Amazon
  • Headboard: custom made
  • Bedside lamps: Ikea
  • Dressers: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Fur Pillows: custom made


  • Bedframe: Amazon
  • Headboard: custom made
  • Shelves: Target
  • Table: Cromatti
  • Lamp: Target
  • Woods stool: Home Goods
  • Pillows: Amazon
  • Artwork above bed: Zazzle (custom frame)
  • Bedside wall lamp: Ikea


  • Juicer: Angel Star
  • Bowl: Home Goods
  • Planters: Target
  • Candle: Amazon
  • Black Planter: Floral Supply
  • Bar Stools: Cromatti
  • Lamp: Lamps Plus


  • Dining table: DIY! (Reclaimed wood top with epoxy topcoat)
  • Dining chairs: Ebay
  • Plants: Home Depot
  • Planters: Shinoda Floral Supply
  • Concrete Planters: Shibata Flora Company
  • Dishes: Home Goods


  • Grey rug: custom
  • Red rug: Turkey
  • Sofa: Della Robbia
  • Small ottoman: Cromatti
  • Chair: Paul Brayton Designs
  • Concrete table: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Brass lamp: Target
  • Small Planter: Shibata Flora Company
  • Café chairs: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Café table: Home goods
  • Mirrored vase: Shinoda Floral Supply
  • Trunk: Pepe’s Thrift Shop (painted it black with gloss oil paint)
  • Lamp / Shade: Target
  • Red Box: Michael Gold & Bob Williams
  • Red tray: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Red table: Cromatti
  • TV cabinet: Ikea
  • Large planter: Green Form
  • Small planter: Ikea
  • Teal Table: Cromatti
  • Purple ottoman: custom made
  • Gold “swirl”: Home Goods
  • Stone spheres: Shinoda Floral Supply
  • Planters: Shibata Flora Company
  • Bookends: CB2
  • Gold Vase: Jonathan Alder
  • Blue Tray: Target
  • Green Tray: Michael Gold & Bob Williams
  • Red Boxes: Home Goods
  • Bonsai Tree: Shinoda Floral Supply


  • Bed: Plummers
  • Sofa: CB2
  • TV table: Cromatti
  • Side tables: Cromatti
  • Sconces: Ylighting.com
  • Vases: CB2
  • 50’s desk lamp: ebay
  • Night stands: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Bedside lamps: Ylighting.com
  • Dresser: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Chinese lamp: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Bust: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
  • Small Dresser and Desk: West Coast Modern
  • Desk Lamp: Pablo Lighting
  • Console table: CB2
  • Planter: Lowes


  • Rug: Flor Carpet Tiles
  • Bathmat: Target
  • Towels: Target
  • Concrete table in shower: Pepe’s Thrift Shop
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Thanks, Dan & Alan!

(Photography: Bethany Nauert)

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