This Is Why Daphne Oz Prefers an All-White Kitchen, Despite Her Love for Color

published Oct 7, 2021
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There will never not be a conversation circulating around the all-white kitchen. Some love the clean, crisp look of white and only white in their cooking areas, while others perceive an all-white kitchen as sterile and boring. When it comes to celebrity chef Daphne Oz, she loves to fill her home with bold colors — but in a recent interview, she revealed that her kitchen is the exception.

While hosting a holiday entertaining virtual event with Harry & David, Daphne stayed busy making cocktails, cutting cheeses, and building a grazing board in her all-white kitchen. When asked how she keeps her white kitchen clean, Oz laughed and says that it’s precisely the all-white part that motivates her to do the deed in the first place.

Credit: Harry & David

“The appearance of just all the textured creams, textured whites… it encourages me to keep it clean,” Oz explained. “It’s a bold move, I’d never done it before, normally my homes are really crazy colors. I also think it provides a serene backdrop for the happy, delicious messes that I find myself creating here.” And with the holidays fast approaching, a little serenity can go a long way.

But how does she keep her all-white kitchen looking so clean? Well, the answer is simple: a lot of wipe downs and a little soap. “I go back, I wipe counters what feels like one hundred times a day,” she mentioned. “I use a little surface spray on the marble — usually dish soap because the oil dissolves with dish soap, and that’s what normally is on the backsplash.”

There are easy, temporary ways to bring pops of color into an all-white kitchen, too. Add a vibrant bowl of fruit to your countertop, or hang some colorful kitchen towels on your oven handle. And there’s nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers to make a space feel alive and happy.