Dawn Dish Soap Just Got a Major Makeover — And I’m Strangely Excited

published Jan 12, 2022
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Credit: Courtesy of P&G

Confession: I really don’t like doing the dishes.

For years, I’ve worked out a good system with my husband. When I cook, he cleans up. When he cooks, he cleans up.

Listen, call it unfair, but I pull my weight lots of other ways at home and it worked out for us. But unfortunately for me, having a baby last year has really changed the math on this one. He still does more dishes than I do, but there are too many bottles, pump parts, and snack plates that need to be hand washed during the day for one person to handle. So I’ve spent a lot of the last 11 months at the sink scrubbing.

I know this is a teeny, tiny problem, but along the way I’ve noticed that our trusty bottle of blue Dawn dish soap can be a little annoying to deal with. Just last week, we were getting toward the bottom, so I had to spend 30 seconds shaking the bottle upside down to get the soap out. Sometimes I’d have the foresight to leave the bottle precariously balanced upside down above the sink. But that only worked if someone didn’t knock it over. Eventually, my husband added a little water to the bottle to make it less viscous. And after a few days, we finally moved on to a new bottle without really feeling the satisfaction of getting every last drop out of the old one.

Well, he just read a headline to me across the room, announcing that Procter and Gamble debuted its upside-down dish soap bottle today: Dawn EZ-Squeeze.

“You’ve likely spent time shaking, flipping, and banging your dish soap bottle on the countertop in a messy attempt to make the most of every drop,” Guerin McClure, Vice President, North America Dish Care at Procter & Gamble, said in a statement. “With Dawn EZ-Squeeze we wanted to create a dish soap that was designed to be fast and easy, helping you get away from the sink and on with your life.”

Apparently the new bottle took more than five years and hundreds of designs to get just right. Inventors, I appreciate your service. The end result is a no-flip cap with a self-sealing valve that means you can squeeze your soap out with one hand. As tired working parents, we’ll take the win. You can even see a video of people trying out the new-fangled bottle here.

I just added a bottle to my Target cart.