Day 1: Complete the Style Cure Interview

updated Mar 12, 2020
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Day 1: Thursday, August 1
Assignment: Complete the Style Cure interview

Welcome to the start of the Style Cure! This is the first day of our inaugural month-long group decorating project. Step-by-step, day-by-day, we’ll work together to makeover a room in each of our homes. Whether you choose your living room, bedroom, kitchen, entryway or bath, by the end of the month it will have a fresh, renewed look for you to show off and enjoy. Let’s dive in…

Today’s Assignment:

First, remember and relax: there are NO wrong answers here. The big picture behind this assignment is to take some time to reflect on the things that you connect with, the people and places that help to define your personality and style, as well as your perception of what your home is like now, and how it can evolve in the next month. Getting comfortable with selecting favorites is very helpful as we start the Style Cure process to help encourage a mindset where you will confidently identify and select the colors, textures, patterns and items for your “new” room.

First, complete the Style Cure Interview: This should take under 30 minutes. Set aside time and focus your attention with as few outside distractions as possible. While not all of the questions are specifically about your home, the process of answering them honestly and completely will inform your design, because they are all about you and your goal is to create a room you’ll love to spend time in. Dive in and answer as many of them as you can, skip those that don’t apply to you and feel free to list up to three answers for each question in the favorites section. The interview can be found right here as a PDF – go, print it out if you’d like, and have fun working through it.
  • Then, afterwards, analyze your responses: Go over your answers and make some connections to reflect upon.

    Questions 1 and 2 work together to help form a picture of your style – do the choices feel connected and consistent or varied and eclectic? Which of the words that you chose for question 2 could also be used to describe the majority of your favorites in question 1? What are the outliers? Example: Are you into the classics or searching for what’s next? Do the offbeat notes or items in a space make the room for you or simply make you uncomfortable?

    Questions 3 and 5 are different ways of connecting with what you find pleasing, comfortable and beautiful. You’ve tapped into your preferences in both a memory-based emotional way and in a practical, observational way to form a picture of a room you will enjoy spending time in. Example: Bright, simple and sparsely decorated sunlight-filled space or moody, happily cluttered, knick-knack embracing rooms lit by candlelight?

    Questions 4 and 6 are both about your aspirations and therefore can help to form a direction and goals for your Cure in terms of what you want your room makeover to provide to your homelife. Example: You’d like your friend to say “everything works so well together!” can be translated into a goal of “putting more thought into coordinating pieces”. Think about the ways your aspirations can lead you – will they translate into going for better overall organization or finally embracing a more fearless use of color?

Finally, jump in to say hello to the group or share your thoughts on the interview exercise in the comments – we’ll all be working together this month, so don’t be shy. Welcome to the Cure!

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