15 Reasons You Need to Add a Disco Ball to Your Space

published Jul 11, 2019
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Credit: Jessica Rapp

This may come as a surprise, but you don’t need to throw a psychedelic party for an excuse to add a glimmering disco ball to your homes. Trust us, we would know.

We’ve spotted the shiny accessory in more rooms than we can count lately, and we just love the extra sparkle it adds to spaces of all sizes. Still feeling skeptical? Take a scroll through these gorgeous homes. We have a feeling you’ll want to order a disco ball of your own, ASAP…

1. Portion Play

Credit: Laura Metzler

As Shannon Claire Interiors proves, size matters. For her May 2018 One Room Challenge, Shannon Smith created this gorgeous, 70s-inspired bedroom belonging to Libby Rasmussen of Libby Living Colorfully. Placing a large and small disco ball side by side adds some extra oomph to an already fabulous room.

2. Hang On

Credit: Elizabeth Mahon

Take your room’s decor to new heights by hanging a disco ball from the ceiling. In this Washington, DC apartment tour, the glittery accent complements the silver wall hanging and draws the eye up.

3. Dazzling Dining

Your tablescape is going to get more exciting now that you’ve seen this dazzling setup by Charlotte Jarega of Project Walton Road. Finish the look with a vase of fresh flowers and candles, which will give your disco ball some extra glow.

4. Subtle Sparkle

Can you find the disco ball in this picture? It fits perfectly in Megan Schlachtenhaufen‘s cozy space and emits tons of sparkle. Now if you excuse us, we’re off to curl up here and admire this gorgeous scene for a few hours…

5. A Splash of Silver

Credit: Aimée Mazzenga for The Everygirl

Nobody puts baby in a corner—well unless it’s an ultra-shiny disco ball. The Everygirl co-founder Alaina Kaczmarksi snuck one into the corner of her former living room in Chicago, adding a spunky twist to an otherwise traditional space.

6. Lite Brite

Credit: Jessica Rapp

It’s only natural that someone who runs a brand called Daily Disco has tons of disco balls in her home! Flashes of silver complement the candy-colored furniture and decor in Abbey Eilermann’s apartment.

7. Winter Wonderland

Credit: Alysse Katherine

Do you love disco balls, but aren’t sure if you want ’em in your space year-round? Add them to your holiday decor a la Alysse Katherine. This blinged-out snowman gives walkin’ in a winter wonderland a cool, modern edge.

8. Coffee Talk

Credit: Julia Konya

Forget stacks of thick books: Place a shiny disco ball on the bottom shelf of a coffee table instead! Julia Konya of Cuckoo 4 Design created the happiest living space full of patterns and, of course, some sparkle.

9. Get Lit

Enhance your space’s natural light by placing a disco ball on the floor. We love the statement it makes in this room from Christine Tamisin of Sometimes Sis. As if by magic, this sparkly accent anchors a room full of industrial and bohemian touches.

10. Plant Party

Credit: Kara Whitten

Can’t find a planter that suits your sparkling personality? Try your hand at a D.I.Y. disco ball version with the instructions Kara Whitten outlines on A Beautiful Mess. Bookmark this tutorial for your next rainy craft day!

11. A Low-Key Look

It’s hard to decide who’s the real star of the show: The two adorable disco balls on the dresser, or the adorable kitten lounging below. Either way, we’re ready to recreate this stylish, laidback look seen on Our Home in Kingston’s feed.

12. Disco Nap

Credit: Victoria Smith

Who needs a nightlight when you can have a disco ball? Victoria Smith of SF Girl By Bay styled this dreamy bedroom for her friend Maggie Mason, and the result is a relaxing, feminine space. This space doubles down on disco by hanging a ball from the ceiling and strategically placing one on the floor.

13. Opulent Office Space

Make your home office that much more glam by adding a disco ball to the mix, as seen in this Michigan house tour. We love how this oversized one looks displayed under a lucite console.

14. The “Wow” Factor

Ok, you probably weren’t thinking of adding a disco ball to your bathroom of all places…but hey, how cool does this overall design look? If you’re feeling like doing something funky, take a cue from this Aussie abode.

15. Stay Golden

Don’t be afraid to stray away from silver, even if it’s the most common color for disco balls. In Agnieszka Dmochowska‘s mid-century modern abode, a gilded disco ball adds a fun pop of color.