If You’re Not Decorating This Overlooked Spot in Your Home, You’re Missing Out

published Aug 19, 2021
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I’m all about making the most of every inch of my home. That includes getting creative with my doorways and any pass-throughs within my apartment. Adding a little pizzazz to a doorway or opening couldn’t be easier, no matter your design style or type of home. I’ve rounded up seven of my favorite techniques below. Whether you choose to paint, install molding, or incorporate greenery, you can’t go wrong with these stylish ideas.

Credit: Tim Hargett

Incorporate a mural

If you choose to paint a mural on your wall, why not keep it going, allowing it to become a part of the doorway, too? This marigold masterpiece, found in a North Carolina home, demonstrates how a splash of color can take a doorway from so-so to sophisticated in just a few short hours. The bold, blobby shape and honey-colored hue these homeowners chose feels warm, welcoming, and whimsical. When you step in this house, you know you’re in the home of a fun-loving family.

Keep on painting

If you’re already painting your walls, go ahead and coat the doorway in the same hue you’ve chosen, like this UK homeowner did. The deep blue adds a moody touch to this chic kitchen and helps to camouflage the door, which would have stuck out significantly if left a plain white.

Credit: Minette Hand

Get leafy

Have a major plant obsession? These New York renters do, and their home is chock full of greenery display inspiration. If you’re looking to make your plant babies a larger part of your decor scheme, create an arch around your doorway with a vining or trailing plant to truly bring the outdoors in. This setup reminds me of a cozy cafe’s leafy back patio. Small hooks and/or Command strips are all you need to secure your vines in place.

Credit: Andrew Bui

Trim it out

Whether your style leans minimal or you can’t stop with the color, you’ll enjoy painting the trim of your doorway for a little added flair. The hue you choose is 100 percent up to you! Stick with a sleek black for a classic look or opt for yellow, as seen above in this Brooklyn home, to make your living space feel even more vibrant. If you doorways don’t have trim, you can always paint the inside of your openings instead.

Close it off with curtains

Bonus points if you wallpaper around your doorway and then hang a pair of curtains to serve as a room divider, as seen in this Brooklyn space. Because designer Megan Hopp chose velvet drapery that coordinates with her painting (and hid the mounting hardware on the other side of the opening), this setup feels like a very artful, intentional way of sectioning off her bedroom. Doorways don’t always need doors for privacy.

Credit: Mike Hetu

Bring in more molding

Adding molding to one’s living space is especially popular these days, as homeowners and renters alike seek to recreate the architectural beauty of classic European spaces. If you choose to DIY this upgrade, don’t neglect the doorway! You can easily trim molding so that it fits perfectly above a rectangular or arched doorway, as seen above. Could the end result be any more chic?

Credit: Cathy Pyle

Add storage to the equation

Who can resist a little extra storage? If you’re in the process of redoing a room within your home, take a cue from the space above and consider adding bookshelves above your doorway. The result? A cozy, library-like atmosphere and additional space to display your book collection.