Why This TikToker Deep Cleans Her Hotel Room Before Relaxing

published Jul 10, 2023
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Woman sitting in bed at hotel eating breakfast in bed room service
Credit: Anel Alijagic/Shutterstock.com

Travel is stressful even under the best circumstances, and few things are as rewarding as the click-clack of a hotel door after a long journey. While some flop right on the bed for a snooze, others take time to examine the space, perhaps checking for bed bugs and wiping down any high-touch items for a little extra peace of mind. One TikToker enters her room and does a thorough deep clean and, naturally, the internet has some thoughts.

CleanTok favorite Niki recently shared a video that quickly racked up more than 5 million views (!), and it’s all because of the 20-minute scrub-down she gives her hotel room as soon as she enters.

In the caption of the clip, Niki jokes, “You know ya girl has issues w/ strangers’ bodily fluids … can’t take no chances! I’m cleaning every time.” But she’s not simply using a Clorox wipe or two. Niki cleans just about every surface in the space, and it’s a pretty impressive attention to detail.

“I know the good people of housekeeping have a great work to do,” she begins the clip. “So let’s take 20 minutes to clean my room and gain peace of mind on my stay.” She uses Clorox Disinfecting Mist ($7) to sanitize the climate control panel, couches, and light switches, as well as scrubbing the sink and countertops in the bathroom. She tackles the room phone using a Clorox wipe.

Then, she shares that not only does she wear flip flops in the shower, but she also deep cleans every crevice of it using a bath scrubber. She then applies a Clorox wipe to the base of the scrubber and uses that to clean the bathroom floor and the surfaces of the toilet.

She also checks for bed bugs using a UV light sanitizer, swapping the bed linens for disposable sheets, which she says are “surprisingly comfortable.”

Commenters had some thoughts about the elaborate cleaning routine, with one person suggesting that the bed bug check should happen first, so you don’t waste time and energy cleaning a room you’re not going to stay in if you do find any critters. (Eek!) One person joked they’d be “naming the bed bugs before [they] take cleaning products on holiday.” Another person said, “I love these videos! I do all of this to be comfortable too, and I’ve just accepted that I’m just not packing light.”

Of course, each traveler has their own comfort levels when it comes to a hotel stay, and there’s no shame in wanting to start your stay off on a fresh start. For what it’s worth, a flight attendant and a resort worker both co-signed her routine, with the resort worker writing, “I can definitely say this is needed!!! Luxury resort or not.”