This Luxury Brand’s Dish Soap Cuts Cleaning Time in Half (It Smells So Good!)

published Mar 14, 2024
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Credit: Tessa Cooper

Diptyque has been on my radar (and at the top of my wish list) for years, but I didn’t buy anything from the high-end French candle and fragrance brand until 2020. It felt as good a time as any to treat myself to a little luxury — and treat myself I did, indeed. I started with a small Roses candle, then graduated to the bigger 190-gram size, then had to try the Baies room spray (because why stop at just candles?). My apartment started to look and smell like a Diptyque showroom, and I was hooked.

For budget’s sake, I had to pause my Diptyque expansion … until I recently discovered their new cleaning products (yes, they carry home cleaning essentials). As part of their La Droguerie collection, the brand just launched an odor-removing candle and room spray, multi-surface cleaner, and dish soap. I got a chance to test these out, and, much to my surprise, the latter now reigns supreme as my favorite. I never thought I would rave about dish soap, but Diptyque has made me a changed woman.

You’re probably thinking, “Why would I buy dish soap from a luxury candle company?” Hear me out: For starters, the design of the bottle actually cuts my cleaning time in half. It comes with a pump-style top (like hand soap or lotion), so I can dispense the dish liquid directly into the pot or plate that I’m cleaning. Unlike a disc- or twist-top cap I’d have to flip over, squirt, and then set back down, I don’t ever have to lift or move this bottle — just one quick tap or two on the top, and I can start scrubbing dishes right away. 

I knew I could count on the best of the best from Diptyque, but I was still wowed by how well this dish cleaner actually works. Leftover food effectively disappears after a quick soap, soak, and sponge routine, even for caked-on pieces. I wondered about the ingredients, too, and discovered that, according to the packaging, 99.3% are from natural origin. 

Also true to Diptyque form, this dish soap looks absolutely beautiful on my kitchen counter, with the signature minimalist, white-and-black oval labeling. My apartment opens up directly into the (rather dated) kitchen, specifically the sink area, so I love anything that makes the space look more aesthetically pleasing. And best of all, once you’ve used the last drop of soap, you can keep and replenish the glass vessel (even with a cheaper dish soap you already own). Its amber coloring also matches the Aesop hand soap bottle I styled next to it, that — plot twist — is actually filled with … Softsoap.

Credit: Blair Donovan

I haven’t even gotten to the best part: the scent. The La Drogerie dish soap features a fresh, citrusy fragrance, with notes of orange blossom, mandarin, and basil. It even subtly lingers, making my hands and kitchen smell good when I’m done. As someone without a dishwasher who H-A-T-E-S hand-washing dishes, I now get just the tiniest bit excited for post-meal cleanups, thanks to this new cleaning staple. 

The La Drogerie dish soap costs $45 for 500 milliliters, which is expensive; I won’t sugarcoat it. But if you’re up for a little spring cleaning splurge with a reusable bottle, I can’t recommend this dishwashing liquid enough. You can’t go wrong with any Diptyque fragrance (trust me, I’ve become a connoisseur), and a little bit of soap goes a long way here, so the bottle’s bound to last for a while. It’s the most stylish dish soap I’ve ever seen, too, and basically doubles as a room freshener. I’m officially making this practical little luxury a permanent fixture in my kitchen.