The $3 Trick That’ll Make Your Dish Gloves a Million Times Better

updated Jun 21, 2021
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Woman washing dishes
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Dish gloves go on the list of things that you don’t think you need until you try them and then you realize that you’ve been suffering unnecessarily for years. All that scalding-hot water and slimy grossness! And for what? You could have been using gloves. You should have been using gloves! If you’re not using gloves, go buy a pair immediately

The only downside that we can see to dish gloves is that they aren’t exactly the easiest to store when you’re not using them. Hint: You do not want to wad them up in a ball and stuff them under your sink where they will very quickly get stinky and moldy. You also don’t want to drape them over your faucet (they can melt due to residual heat) or hang them over the side of your sink (it’s ugly and you risk getting water on your floor).

We’ve got a smart solution, though. Here’s what you should do instead to keep your gloves handy when they’re not on your hands.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use a Binder Clip and a Command Hook to Hang Your Dish Gloves

We’ve seen a few variations of this hack around the internet: Some people have put grommets in their gloves, while others have drilled binder clips into their cabinets, but our favorite version is the one that requires the least amount of work. All you need? A Command hook and a binder clip (which you can steal from your home office).

You hang the Command hook either on your backsplash, on the back of the under-the-sink cabinet door, or on a side wall of that same cabinet. Then, when you’re done washing the dishes, take the gloves off, clip the cuffs together with the binder clip, and hang them from the hook. This way, they can dry entirely between uses and they’ll be up and out of the way.

While we like the idea of tucking them away on a clip-hook situation under the sink, we like hanging them on your backsplash for a couple of reasons. First, it means your dish gloves are right there when you need them. (And right now, we’re washing a lot of dishes.) Second, they’re less likely to get moldy — or cause mold to grow in your cabinet — when they’re out in the open. Is it the most beautiful look for your backsplash? Maybe! It depends on how cute your gloves are! But honestly, this sure beats a pile of gloves on the side of your sink, no?

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