If Disney Princesses Lived in Tiny Houses

published Feb 22, 2018
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We love a good castle as much as the next person. But what we love even more is a really good tiny home. So much so that we started to wonder what would happen if we took the grandest castle dwellers of them all—six of Disney’s princesses—and reimagined their lives in modern day smaller spaces. It’s proof that living light can bring about a whole new world of possibilities for adventure in the great wide somewhere. (So, so, so many more puns to come.)

Princess: Ariel

All she has is her voice, her new legs and an entire underwater cavern full of gadgets, gizmos, whosits, and whatsits. While most of our subjects’ struggles center around lavish living, it’s Ariel’s deep sea depository of junk (yeah, we said it), that may be the hardest to manage in a small space. The trouble with KonMari-ing Ariel’s possessions is that pretty much every human trinket she touches actually *does* bring her joy, therefore, her tiny house boat (obvs) must be very storage efficient.

Aboard the S.S. Koi Mari, Ariel toes the line between collector and hoarder. This landlubber cleverly uses hooks on all open wall space and a combination of dressers and open shelving to neatly stow and display her treasures in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered. She refuses to stop brushing her hair with a dinglehopper because it brings back so many good memories. Also, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Princess: Jasmine

Despite Jasmine’s penchant for street urchins, princess knows her way around a palace of grandeur. For Princess J, lush life in the Sultan’s Palace meant contemplating her impending arranged marriage over daily strolls through impeccably landscaped gardens, pacing the grounds on the finest Oushak rugs this side of the River Jordan, and, here’s the rub (Genie pun), having no access to the world outside.

We think this strong-willed princess would have no trouble leaving most of her possessions behind to experience a whole new world. The modern Princess Jasmine is perfectly suited for a petite studio apartment, with just a few remnants of her royal past life. Most of the studio’s space would be devoted to Rajah, her pet tiger, with an intricate indoor cat tree to play on, a great alternative to mauling the neighbors.

Princess: Cinderella

We believe it was the insightful Gus Gus who said it best with, “she goes around in circles ’til she’s very, very dizzy, still they holler, keep her busy Cinderelly!” —proving this soot-smudged sweetheart is no stranger to a more humble lifestyle.

Less is definitely more in Cinderella’s world. With an affinity for repurposed living quarters (hello, pumpkin-turned-carriage), we think this songbird and her personified rodent crew would thrive in a converted shipping container. Of course, her taste is simple and classy, with elements of glass echoed throughout.

Princess: Tiana

Tiana is at an advantage when it comes to downsizing, as her hometown of New Orleans is brimming with narrow shotgun-style homes, each intricately painted in an array of breathtaking color palettes that can make any woman forget a lack of storage space. A killer chef and aspiring restaurateur, as long as Tiana has a well-stocked kitchen, she’s a happy princess.

We can’t help but be inspired by Joy the Baker‘s home kitchen when picturing Tiana’s savvy small space, whose narrow, open-concept home in New Orleans is all about the kitchen. With plenty of open shelving and a petite island to house her croak-worthy confections, Tiana is living the life of her dreams.

Princess: Belle

This bookish beauty wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. It’s more than even she can tell, so we’ve illustrated it for her in this post. Her tiny house is definitely on wheels, so she can cover maximum ground. Plus it’s vibing that relaxed French country style to replicate the fresh countryside she’ll be rolling through on the reg’.

As much as Belle loves the intoxicating aroma of a freshly cracked book, she’s streamlined her collection to only include her most display-worthy hardbacks, in a cohesive color palette. The rest of her infinite collection fits perfectly on her pint-sized kindle, a modern tool she is 100% in favor of.

Princess: Elsa

While many would find below-freezing temperatures uncomfortable, princess Elsa thrives in them. This snowy sister resides in Norway, where minimalism reigns and cool tones are the coolest tones. So while reducing the size of her structure may prove difficult, we can’t imagine a minimal aesthetic is out of her comfort zone.

With an igloo-like Geosedic dome as the obvious choice for Elsa’s cozy quarters, contemporary white and chrome mimic the frigid environment in which one would usually find such a structure. While Elsa and her petite palace may thrive in cold temperatures, her inviting personality makes this stark space feel warm (plus the free-standing fireplace).