These WFH Spaces Were Inspired by Your Favorite Disney Villains

published Feb 12, 2021
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Credit: © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Disney characters get an awful lot of love, especially when it comes to whimsical home decor. But if your taste skews more villain than princess, you’ll love these home offices inspired by how one designer dreamed the baddest animated characters might decorate…you know, if they worked a nine-to-five and needed a cozy space to take conference calls from.

The U.K.-based affordable blinds company 247 Blinds teamed up with Cheskie Baker, a designer and co-founder of textiles brand CHESKIE, with Baker creating home office set-ups inspired by some of the most devilish Disney characters around.

From a rich, jeweled-tone “work from bed” oasis inspired by Sleeping Beauty’s foe Maleficent to a black-and-white themed lounge area inspired by Cruella De Vil, each room features signature color patterns and items that would surely be beloved by these villains if they existed in real life and needed a place to relax after a long day trying to defeat the good guys.


Of the gothic luxe bedroom inspired by Maleficent, with its emerald greens, deep purples, and tons of black accents (of course!), Baker shared, “This dark woodland theme is giving us modern, gothic style vibes, from the eerie depth of grey on the walls to the deep forest green velvets, trimmed with hints of royal purple. The style is timeless and iconic.”

To recreate Maleficent’s enchanted layer in your bedroom, “keep subdued forest hues in mind and introduce dark, elegant and flamboyant design,” she added. “Rustic wooden side tables and floorboards teamed with indoor plants and warm lighting will help you to complete the look.”

Cruella De Vil

For the room filled with black and white accents inspired by “101 Dalmatians” queen Cruella De Vil, spots are obviously front and center. “This dramatic monochrome colour palette with hints of eye-catching, powerful red is perfect for those looking to be more bold whilst ensuring they have an immaculate work space, with style and function in every corner,” Baker said.

Want to channel Cruella’s black and white vibe in your own space? “To recreate this minimal look, choose essential furniture and accessories and keep it pared back,” Baker said. “Opt for sleek, clean lines, complemented by subtle, textured elements such as a shaggy throw or rug and indulge in a large mirror to complete the look.”


If it’s an under-the-sea sanctuary you’re after, “The Little Mermaid’s” Ursula’s kitchen office fits the bill flawlessly. “This magical kitchen embraces the oceanic world, from the use of curved architecture to the pebble-shaped mirror,” Baker said. “It’s the perfect, calming environment for those who love to be near the sea.”

Layering shell shapes or scalloped tiles is a fantastic way to introduce this look into your own home. “Play around with the tiles and opt for either a classic fish scale, geometric look or a swirling ocean scene,” Baker says, adding that velvet (especially in moody shades of deep purple, teals or blue) is a great material to include here, too.


For splashes of gold along with patterns laced with rich reds and blues, look no further than Jafar from “Aladdin,” who inspired Baker to create a living room office that “is perfect for a bold character whose striking personality radiates from the center of any room,” as Baker shared. “The Arabian-inspired accessories and rich colours with hints of gold symbolize success.”

“To reimagine this room, incorporate Middle-Eastern inspired patterns and textures; you can use them in tiling, shapes and mirrors,” she said. “To add additional charm, opt for vintage bird cages and adorn with hand-made faux feathers and ensure you have a luxurious sofa to sink into as you work away.”


Last but certainly not least, Baker took inspiration from Hades, the fiery foe of Hercules in the animated classic of the same name. Of the cozy cool room inspired by his notoriously hot-headed personality, Baker said, “This is a very creative space and the perfect spot for concocting a master plan, especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to work alone.”

She added, “Don’t be afraid to use a display of deep, dark colors and set the mood with your lighting. Choose lamps and wall lights that only allow the light to slither out to create that cocooning, cozy vibe. Bring the outside in and go big on materials such as stones, granite and dark marble.”

For even more fun, you can take a personality quiz to find out which fantasy villain you’re most like and get some tips on how to inject a little more of their signature vibes into your own WFH space.