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How to Make a Boho-Style Peace Symbol Wreath

published Nov 13, 2020
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Peace symbol wreath with fairy lights

With neighbors and friends spending more time apart this year, the 2020 holiday season might not be what you’re used to—so there’s no better time to bring some joy to your home’s exterior. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, adding a festive decoration is a small way to connect and celebrate with people you can’t see in person.

Want to hang something with a little boho style that will suit your home for the entire season? Try this fairy light-embellished peace sign wreath. Its base is something you probably have a lot of if you’ve been making any online orders lately: cardboard! From there, you’ll only need a couple other materials to pull it together. Here’s how to make it.

What you’ll need to make this peace symbol wreath:

How to make this peace symbol wreath:

1. Make your outlines and cut

If you’re using a pizza round, like I did, brush off your cardboard so it’s as clean as you can get it. If you’re using cardboard from a box, you’ll need to cut it into a roughly 16-inch diameter circle.

Then, grab a dinner plate, flip it over in the middle of the board, and trace a circle. Use a ruler to draw the inside of the peace sign, then cut it out. Lay the cut out pizza board on top of the second cardboard round, and glue it down with hot glue. Using your craft blade, carefully cut out the second layer. At the end of this step, you should have a two-layer peace symbol.

2. Wrap the cardboard with yarn

Wind lengths of yarn into balls that are small enough to easily fit and maneuver with one hand. Tie an end around cardboard, making sure the knot is on the back side, and begin wrapping all around the cardboard. Once you get to the end of the length of yarn, tie it off on the back side and start fresh with a new ball of yarn. This process takes a while—so turn on your favorite show and get ready to binge.

3. Add the fairy lights

Once your peace sign is completely wrapped, add the fairy lights. (Note: It’s OK if some areas are still exposed—you’ll use more yarn later.)

Start by wrapping the battery pack to the back middle of the sign with yarn; this will keep it in place, and also help disguise the box. Then, loop the lights around the peace sign, making sure to cover each section.

4. Secure lights with yarn

Once the lights are in place, grab a few more small balls of yarn and continue wrapping over the wires to secure them in place. Don’t worry if you cover over some of the lights—they’ll still shine through the yarn. Add a loop to hang the peace sign on the back side, and hang on the door using a Command hook or a small nail.

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