How To Turn Dollar Store Dusters Into a Fluffy Alternative to Bottle Brush Trees, According to TikTok

published Dec 2, 2022
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Credit: Isra IsrangkulNaAyuthaya/Shutterstock

Chic Christmas decorations are just a dollar away if you don’t mind doing a little DIY project. TikTok user TheNavagePatch (@TheNavagePatch) showed how he made beautiful fluffy Christmas trees for his mantle using nothing but a dollar store duster, some LED fairy lights, and a few other bits and bobs from around his house.

“You want to see what you can do with a Dollar Tree duster that is so much more fun than dusting?” TheNavagePatch said in his video, which is also available to watch on Instagram. “After fluffing it out, I started trimming downwards at an angle with a sturdy pair of scissors. I didn’t cut all the way to the bottom. Only about three-quarters of the way down.”

He continued, “Snip. Rotate. Repeat. If you can operate a pair of scissors, you can make this little craft.”

When the tree is sufficiently tree-ish, TheNavagePatch yanked off the duster’s handle and used the wire end to mount the tree into a block of floral foam stuffed into a Dollar Tree wooden cup.

“Next, I wrapped a short strand of battery operated fairylights around the tree, starting up top and finishing down at the base,” he continued. He mounted two other duster trees to a piece of log scrap he had drilled some holes into.

“One of these beautiful duster trees can be made for $1.25 without lights and $2.50 with lights,” TheNavagePatch said. “Why spend big bucks on Christmas decor when it’s so easy to decorate with less?”

“And you can use it to clean all your other Christmas decorations as a bonus,” one commenter joked.

In fact, TheNavagePatch made all the trees you see on his mantle. You can follow along on TikTok and Instagram to see how all these pieces of decor came to fruition, and get inspired to deck the halls for so much less.