Make Your Own “Enchanted Broom” with This TikTok Tutorial

published Oct 21, 2021
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Credit: otsphoto/Shutterstock.com

When TikTokker @hauz.and.co shared their finished decorated fireplace for Halloween, fellow TikTokkers were eating the entire thing up. From the floating candles to the bubbling cauldron, it was all so good and spooky. But what the people really needed to know what where @hauz.and.co got that enchanted broom, and their followers got so much more than just a shopping recommendation.

@Hauz.and.co revealed that they grabbed the moving broom from Big Lots. It’s literally called the “Enchanted Broom” animated decor piece, and it retails for $25. However, just like they predicted, these brooms went out of stock. Other places are selling enchanted brooms for $40 and up, and eBay sellers are attempting to resell for double the original Big Lots price.

So, @hauz.and.co took one commenter’s suggestion and turned it into reality. “Okay, hear me out…” the person wrote. “If someone has a Roomba can you try and make an enchanted broom?”

Yes, yes you can. And @hauz.and.co did.

You’ll need a tiki torch, foam circles (or foam cones with the tips cut off), Command strips, raffia, and a Roomba.

First, the tiki torch is disassembled and painted a darker brown color. You then stack and glue the foam pieces on top of one another and put two Command strips on one half. Glue the foam to the head of the tiki torch, then tie a bundle of raffia just above the tiki torch head.

Flip the entire thing over, wrap some cord around the base of the upturned raffia, and stick the entire thing to your Roomba. There you have it — a DIY enchanted broom.

And yes, we’re all calling it a “Broomba.” 

Perhaps the best part about this enchanted broom Halloween decoration is that it actually cleans your floors, too.