This TikToker Used Glue To Frost Her Windows – Yes, Really

published Mar 14, 2023
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On a quest to make her home a bit more private, Asia from @whytrydiy ran through the gamut of different window film options. From brightly-colored window cling film to that rainbow shattered glass vinyl, Asia seemingly tried everything available online, but nothing scratched that itch. Thinking back to her school days, Asia realized that Elmer’s glue may actually be the solution to her problem. 

Remember making those glue bookmarks using your pencil case? Yeah, it’s the exact same idea.

So, after doing a few tests with food coloring and different application methods, Asia was finally ready to cover her entire bank of windows with glue.

”You’ve all been following along as I’ve been trying to figure out a cheap, renter-friendly way to use Elmer’s glue as window film,” she said in a February TikTok video. “We originally tried a paintbrush, but then decided on a foam roller and it came out amazing. So today, we’re actually going to all the windows.”

The foam roller created a gorgeous frosted effect, and the food coloring made the windows look like custom stained glass. Asia made sure to tape off the painted trim before applying to prevent mess and potential staining..

Of course, this DIY came with a lot of questions from commenters, including if the food coloring stained the window trim regardless of the tape, how easily the glue peels off, and if the sun was going to melt the glue.

After living with the Elmer’s glue windows for six months, Asia posted an update. “Here I am taking one panel off,” she said in the update video. “Not only was the peel satisfying, but I also noticed that it didn’t stain the window at all.”

If you’ve struck out with window clings in the past, then it may be time to give this Elmer’s glue DIY a go to get that privacy (and beautiful finished product!) you crave.