2024’s Hottest DIY Material Transformed a Blah Bed into a Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece

published Jun 11, 2024
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Ikea bed before pole wrap bed skirt.
Credit: Courtesy of Madeline Scalzi

The inspiration behind one of Madeline Scalzi’s latest projects, a pole wrap bedskirt, came to her in a daydream. “I was brainstorming creative ways to create desperately needed hidden under-bed storage for my brother’s bedroom using the existing unstained wood bed frame he already had, and the idea formed,” says the content creator behind the Instagram account Tulips for the Table. She was in the process of helping her younger sibling redo his rental bedroom, and with a red accent wall painted and a wavy headboard-build under their belts, this simple DIY was going to be the finishing touch. 

Scalzi had worked with pole wrap before, so she felt comfortable giving the material another go. Before she started in earnest, though, she searched online for similar bed frames that would help her hatch a plan. That’s when she came across the now sold-out Deluxe Tamboured Storage Bed from Anthropologie, which became a springboard for the design. She’d essentially be replicating the frame’s bottom with a slightly more dramatic skirted design using the wrap. Instead of drawers , the skirt would peel open to provide a place to stash whatever her brother wanted to store. 

Credit: Courtesy of Madeline Scalzi

While Scalzi leans more “traditional meets transitional” aesthetically, she knew her brother’s space would call for something different. “We wanted to pay a nod to mid-century modern design through the honey oak nightstands, bed paneling, and wavy headboard,” she explains. So with their vision crystallized, Scalzi got to measuring.

To get started, she figured out the length of the perimeter of the bed frame as well as the height between the top of the bed frame and the floor. “By doing this, we were able to calculate how much pole wrap we would need to enclose the space,” Scalzi says. At The Home Depot, she spent $80 on a piece of pole wrap that measured 96 inches by 48 inches. An associate at the store cut that piece down into smaller panels, which she’d use like skirting to cover the entire bed frame. “Note that when cutting the panels to size, we went 1 inch shorter than the bed frame to accommodate the thick pile of the rug when we open and close each panel,” says Scalzi. “If you have wood or tile floors, you would skip this step.”

Credit: Courtesy of Madeline Scalzi

With the necessary cuts made, Scalzi covered each panel with two coats of Minwax water-based stain, which set her back an additional $25. “I like this stain for indoor projects because it has a very low odor and dries quickly,” she says. 

Once the panels were dry, the last step involved using a 18-gauge brad nail gun to secure one short end of each panel to the legs of the bed. That way, the individual panels would meet near the middle of both of the sides and the foot of the bed, allowing the pieces to open and close for storage access. Scalzi then used $16 Velcro strips to attach the panels’ top long sides to the base of the bed frame so they’d stay in place when shut. “If you don’t have access to a brad nail gun, you could easily use small screws, hand-hammered nails, or even wood glue to secure the panels to the legs of the bed to achieve the same effect,” she shares. Velcro seems to be the best bet for easy opening and closing the panels, though.  

All in all, the pole wrap bedskirt, which cost about $120 in total, might be one of the easiest DIYs Scalzi has completed. “It took about two hours from start to finish and required minimal power tools,” she says. “I loved this project so much I am looking to do a similar version of it again in my own bedroom!”