This DIY “Beaded Keychain” Pool Float Is Totally ‘90s Nostalgia

published Aug 27, 2023
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Credit: StacieStauffSmith Photos/Shutterstock

Summers in the ‘90s just hit differently, and it’s understandable if you’re sometimes nostalgic for those simpler, more analog times. One TikToker just scratched that nostalgia itch in the most creative way, taking some pool noodles and turning them into a truly ‘90s-inspired DIY pool float.

Pool noodles are among the most versatile (and budget-friendly) items you can stash away in storage, and you can hack ‘em in many ways to make them work for you around the house. But if you’ve got a little time and ingenuity, you can transform them into an even cooler water accessory, as evidenced by Lauren Lexvold’s recent creation.

The Minneapolis resident took to TikTok and Instagram to share her “‘90s keychain” pool float, which looks just like the lizard bead keychain you probably made as a kid. Lexvold began by cutting a bunch of pool noodles into equal-sized 2.5” chunks, rounding out the edges of the tops and bottoms of each smaller piece. She then strung them together in a lizard-shaped pattern, fittingly sipping on a Capri Sun while she worked. She used her new floatie as drink storage in the pool, though someone with enough pool noodles and patience could create a giant lizard raft.

In the comments section, Lexvold shared that she bought dollar-store pool noodles and used one blue and roughly one-and-a-half green noodles, but you could use any color combination or size noodle to get the job done. It’s a super cute project that would delight ‘90s kids and those born well beyond the new millennium alike, and it would surely be a smash at any pool or beach party you’re hosting this year. All you’ll need is a boom box, a big box of Fla-Vor-Ice colorful freezer pops, and you’re good to go.