You Can Fake a Walk-In Closet With IKEA’s Bedroom Layout Trick

published May 24, 2020
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Who among us hasn’t wished for a walk-in closet? Even just a teensy, tiny walk-in closet. There’s something so satisfying about the idea of being able to walk into a separate space and get ready for the workday or a date night. There’s space for everything—shoes, accessories, and, of course, clothes. Sounds satisfying, right?

Well, even if your home or apartment doesn’t have a walk-in closet already, IKEA might just have a trick that will create one anyway (if you have a little wiggle room).

Credit: IKEA

The idea is basically to pull your bed away from the wall to create a small space behind the bed, with the headboard acting as a sort of room divider. That separate area, when fitted with garment racks or standing wardrobes, can serve as a dedicated space for stashing your clothes and getting ready.

It doesn’t look like a traditional walk-in closet, of course, but it does block off space that you can now use for one thing in particular. Sometimes creating separate spaces for mundane, daily tasks like getting ready can make life that much more simple.

Credit: IKEA

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have a room without a closet at all (anyone who’s lived in a major city has probably been there), then you know how chaotic it can be to not have any one place to put clothing. Creating a designated getting ready space means that clothing, accessories, and shoes (as well as makeup, if you have room for a mirror) means that everything stays in one spot. And clutter stays in one spot, too.

The idea isn’t to hide piles of clothes behind your bed, of course, but it’s more helpful that they’re not on your bed anymore, right?