11 Smart Projects DIYers Are Taking on to Stay Organized in 2021

published Jan 29, 2021
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If you’re anything like me, this new year is bringing with it a new enthusiasm to finally get organized — or at least to find an organizational system that’s actually maintainable.  

“2021 is the year I am literally trying to ‘get my life,” says Timisha Porcher of ToolBox Divas.

Of course, it can be hard to know where to begin. Sometimes, the best way to figure out your plan of action is to peek at the plans of experts — in this case, expert DIYers and designers. Here’s what 10 of them have on their to-do list for this year to make their lives more organized.

1. Creating a “Cloffice”

“My big organization project for 2021 is creating my “cloffice,” says A.V. Perkins of A.V. Does What. That’s an office space carved out of a closet like the one shown above — a smart project that helps create usable work space that’s out of the way.”Dedicating a space just for work will boost my productivity 100 percent,” Perkins says.

2. Corralling Wayward Cables

“I’ve been working from home for the past year with my full-time job, my DIY blog life, and a toddler coming into her own.  So to start the year off right I’m organizing my home office,” says Timisha Porcher of ToolBox Divas.  

But since her little one shares the space with her, Porcher has some added obstacles to creating a space that serves both of their needs — namely, making sure everything is tucked away and toddler-proof.

“I have to organize my things within closed bins and cabinets. I’ve even organized my office cables in a storage bin,” Porcher says.

3. Creating a Custom Closet

“While in the process of building my new home, I knew I wanted a functional closet space where I could organize my things — after all, I’m a big lover of fashion,” says Ashley Basnight of Handmade Haven.

“I asked my builder if he would leave my master closet empty so that I could build my own dream closet. With an empty 10-foot-by-10-foot room, I knew I could create a space that was both stylish and functional.”

Basnight adds that now that she’s in the process of building her custom closet, she’s even more excited to have a fun space to house all of her clothes and accessories.

“Having this organized closet will help me feel confident going into 2021, because I know I’ll easily be able to get dressed with ease and look good, and you know what they say! If you look good, you feel good!” Basnight says.

Credit: Elissa Crowe

4. Building Custom Shelving

“One thing I’m hoping to tackle in 2021 to help make our lives more organized and functional is to install some custom shelving in our kids’ closets,” says Andrea of Harlow & Thistle

“They currently have the typical one rod/one shelf closet; however, most of our boy’s clothes get folded rather than hung up,” she says. “So I figure custom shelves will be the secret to keeping their rooms clean… well, I’ve got my fingers crossed.”

Cheers to hoping!

Credit: Anna Spaller

5. Organizing DIY Supplies

“This year, I finally got a rolling cart for my DIY supplies, after many years of putting it off,” says Tina Le Mac (@tinadoodles).

“This cart is a great way to store my most-used DIY supplies conveniently in one place and it’s a portable solution that I can roll anywhere I’m DIYing at home. It frees up so much of my worktop space and I already feel more organized and productive!”

Credit: Sarah Crowley

6. Making Custom Spice Racks

To have a beautiful spice rack is an organizational dream come true, and that’s what Megan Jacklin of Copper & Gold Project plans to do in 2021 with a custom copper pipe spice rack.

“Updating my spice jars with some custom labels and displaying them on a DIY copper pipe wall rack is going to not only be functional but stylish,” she says.

She’s also got another project up her sleeves for the new year:

Credit: Sylvie Li

7. Installing Floating Shelves

Part of being organized is having a space for everything, and sometimes that means creating space where there once was none.

“I’m planning on taking advantage of some under-utilized space on top of my vintage radiators to hang some exposed shelves and organize my thrifted home decor goodies,” says Jacklin.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

8. Upgrading Outdoor Spaces

It may be January, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about outdoor projects. Pati Robins of Style Squeeze built her own pergola from scratch a few years ago, but this year, she wants to extend it and attach a roof to it to create more space.

“I live in the U.K. so it can rain a lot,  and a roof in summertime will enable us to use the garden as an extension of our home when it’s raining,” she says.

9. Revamping the Entryway

“Two people living in a small, one-bedroom apartment requires a fair amount of organization,” says Kacie McColm (@the.woodworkers.daughter). The entryway can sometimes be the first sign of distress.

“Although we have a good-sized entryway closet, that area is usually under-utilized and so much space is wasted,” she explains. “My goal for this year is to build a shelving unit for our shoes and some cubbies to put baskets and bins for extra storage.”

10. Renovating a Laundry Room

Torie of Scotshill House says she’s got a few organization projects planned for her kitchen and closet, but the laundry room needs an overhaul.

My biggest DIY project for the year will be my laundry room reno,” says Torie.  She says this will include building functional cabinets and arranging spaces that will support her family’s needs.

Credit: Liz Calka

11. Revamping a Pantry

Jordan from House Becomes Home Interiors says she’s already completed her 2021 organization project: revamping her pantry.

“It’s a small pantry, but staying organized is key,” says Jordan. “I love using bins and containers to keep everything in its place. And I find that taking items out of their packages and placing them in containers, helps add space.”

Not to mention, it helps to reduce visual clutter that can easily accumulate in a pantry or kitchen.

So whether you’ve already completed your organization project for 2021 or you’re just getting around to thinking about it, take some tips from the pros and make your space work for you this year.