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This Weekend: 20-Minute Household Tasks to Do Before Monday Morning

updated May 3, 2019
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The idea of spring cleaning is daunting — a whole season devoted to ambitious housework. So this week we’re breaking up home maintenance into a bunch of workable parts. Try combining everyday chores with these 20-minute tasks: things you only have to deal with occasionally. The best news is that they really only take minutes each: it’s spring cleaning for people who hate spring cleaning.

This Weekend’s Assignment: Pick a handful of do-able chores from this list and knock them out one afternoon.

Sanitize Your Shower Curtain Liner: Go take it down, throw it in the wash and feel fresher during your next (several) showers.

Dust Your Living Room: Start with your main living space, then move on to the rest of the house if you’ve got the time.

Clean All Reflective Surfaces: Take care of bathroom vanity, hallway and floor-length mirrors.

Straighten Your Coffee Table: Take any dishes into the kitchen, wipe down the top, and rearrange books, magazines, and knick knacks.

Deal with a Single Drawer: Fold and/or organize everything in that one place: t-shirts, cutlery, or socks.

Change HVAC Air Filters: Remove the old furnace filter and throw it away. Slide the new, clean air filter into place.

Deal with a Pile of Unopened Mail: File away what you need to keep, recycle what you don’t.

Clean Electronic Screens: Wipe down your computer, tablets and mobile phones.

De-Clutter Your Staircase: Take all that stuff that’s lingering on the steps upstairs and put it away where it belongs.

Clear Off Your Bedroom Dresser: Put away your loose jewelry and accessories, dust off the surface, and replace your stuff.

Wipe Down Your Ceiling Fan & Vents: Dust the blades and surfaces. Reverse the direction of the fan if you’re ready weather-wise.

Wash Windows: Pick a room and clean all the glass.

Toss Expired Foods: Take a pass at your fridge and deal with all the old condiments and mysterious Tupperware.

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Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

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