Dog Owners Are Happier Than Cat Owners, According to a New Study

published Apr 14, 2019
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People often debate whether cats or dogs are better. We don’t have any definitive proof which animal is better, but one might better for you. According to a new study, dog owners are happier than cat owners. Who can be unhappy when their dog gives them kisses?

Now, this isn’t to say that cat owners aren’t entirely unhappy, but it would appear that dog owners are happier. According to the General Social Survey, which is run by the social research organization NORC at the University of Chicago, 36% of dog owners reported that they are very happy, while only 18% of cat owners reported that.

According to The Washington Post, the General Social Survey included questions pertaining to pet ownership. The survey concluded that nearly 6 in 10 households. The survey found that 28% of owners that have cats and dogs reported they are very happy. Surprisingly 32% of respondents have no pets and reported they were happy.

The fact that dog owners are very happy compared to non-pet owners makes sense. There is actual science to back up the fact that dogs are good for you. Having a dog can actually reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Dogs can also help those who suffer from anxiety and depression as well. Because dogs are a great support system for their owners, they can also help lower blood pressure. In some cases, dogs have even been able to tell that their owner has cancer before anyone else.

The study also asks other questions outside of pet ownership, which means there are other contributing factors to their happiness. Research also found that dog owners are more likely to form relationships with their neighbors when compared to cat owners. Which makes sense, as dog owners need to bring their pet outside to go to the bathroom, whereas cat owners do not. Dog owners are also more likely to seek comfort from their pet than cat owners. As any cat owner knows, while a cat’s purr is a great stress reliever, cat’s are not the best at comforting people if they do not want to.

The study has been conducted every year on Americans since 1972. It varies each year how many people are surveyed, but it is between 1,500 and 3,000. This 2018 study was conducted between April and November.