Your Dog Is an Artist, and This Trend Will Prove It

updated Feb 8, 2021
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Now that the doldrums of winter have officially set in, your walls might be looking a bit more barren and bleak than usual. But before you go searching around for expensive prints, you might want to give your furry friend the opportunity to play artiste. People on TikTok are letting their dogs paint pictures in the most hilarious way, and all of the pieces are turning out way better than you would imagine.

To get started, all you need to do is grab a blank canvas from the craft store and a few tubes of your favorite paint colors. Prep the canvas by squirting a few squiggles of paint on it. Then, place it in a plastic zip-close bag that you’ve covered with a good helping of peanut butter.

Place the whole contraption on the floor and let your painterly pup do the work.

The result is an abstract masterpiece both you and your doggo can be proud of.

Depending on how you lay out the paint, how much peanut butter is spread onto the bag, and how ferociously your pooch attacks their treat, you’ll get a variety of different patterns. And yes, some do look like abstract pieces that belong in an art museum—and perhaps they should be in a museum.

And if your pups can collaborate without any issues, even better.