A Dog Made a Snack Run and Other Ways Pet Owners Are Getting Creative While Quarantined

updated Mar 26, 2020
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No one is as happy about the prospect of self-quarantining quite like the pets of the world, who now get to enjoy more time with their owners than ever before. But some pet owners are using that extra free time to get equally creative with their pets, too, by trying out some wacky things in the name of social distancing.

One dog owner from Pesquería, Mexico began craving Cheetos three days into his self-quarantine. While Antonio Muñoz didn’t want to leave the house for the journey, which was arguably a bit of a “non-essential” need, he got crafty by enlisting the help of his Chihuahua, Chokis, to grab the snack food for him.

He secured cash and a note to Chokis’ collar, sending the tiny pooch out to a nearby store. The note, roughly translated from Spanish by Metro, reads, “Hello sir of the store, can you sell my dog ​​some orange—not red—Cheetos. In his collar he brings $20. If you don’t take good care of my dog, he will bite. From, the neighbor across the street.”

Amazingly, Chokis returned with a bag of Cheetos in tow, and has successfully run the chip errand two times since, as Muñoz told Metro. Here’s hoping his owner shared a chip or two with her.

Vakis Demetriou, a fellow dog owner in Limassol, Cyprus, wanted to make sure that his fluffy white dog, Oliver, still got some exercise outdoors amid the quarantine. He simply hooked up a drone to Oliver’s leash, using a remote control to navigate from his balcony nearby, giving his pup enough freedom to go for a stroll.

Of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that as long as you’re practicing safe social distancing measures—including keeping around six feet of space between yourself and others, and frequently washing your hands—outdoor walks with your dog are a recommended form of exercise during this time of uncertainty. Demetriou included a wise message in his caption, writing, “Stay home but don’t forget your dog’s happiness.”