The 12 Best Dollar Store Organizing Ideas

published Nov 24, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you thought dollar stores were only good for inexpensive hangers and aspirin, then it’s time to think again. Believe it or not, your local everything-for-a-dollar store is brimming with affordable home organizing tools—as long as you know what to look for.

To help you get organized at home on the cheap, we rounded up a dozen of the greatest dollar store hacks, from hanging baskets to cookie sheet magnet boards:

Make floating storage baskets

Looking for an easy way to score some hanging baskets for cheap? Remove the handles from wire baskets at the dollar store and hang them on Command hooks for a goof-proof wall-mounted storage scheme. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Use ice cube trays or cupcake liners as drawer organizers

The only thing better than a reliable drawer organizer is an inexpensive one. Put plastic ice cube trays or silicone cupcake liners inside your desk, bathroom, or junk drawer to corral your bits and baubles on the cheap. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Use a vase with marbles/vase filler for makeup brushes

Nothing’s better than a cheap and chic makeup organizer. Instead of splurging on a fancy sink organizer, pick up a vase at the dollar store and fill it with marbles (or vase filler) to corral your makeup brushes, mascara, and other tube-shaped cosmetics in style.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Make a cookie sheet magnet board

In need of a fun DIY project to help you get organized at home? You can transform a cookie sheet into a custom magnet board by lining it with your choice of cheap contact paper from the dollar store. 

Secure fragile wares with a shower mat

Never underestimate the potential of a non-stick shower mat. Keep your glasses, vases, and other fragile ware in place by lining your kitchen cabinet with a cheap, non-stick shower mat.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

DIY your own linen closet

A few inexpensive laundry baskets from the dollar store can go a long way when you want to get organized. Turn any bookshelf (or wall-mounted shelves) into a linen closet in seconds with some cheap laundry baskets and clothespins that double as label holders.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Score some cabinet door storage

The inside of your bathroom sink door is ripe with storage potential, it just takes a trip to the dollar store. Keep your bathroom counter clutter hidden by hanging cups and baskets with self-adhesive tape or hooks inside your bathroom cabinet door to stash toiletries instead. 

Create extra shower storage with plastic baskets

Searching for a cheap way to carve out more storage space in your shower? Hang a couple of plastic baskets from waterproof Command hooks in your shower to store toys, toiletries, and other bathtime essentials. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Use a sponge holder to expand your bathroom vanity

Sponge holders work great for keeping makeup brushes (and other small cosmetic items such as perfume samples and eyeliner) organized in a bathroom—and can be mounted to just about any smooth surface—like the mirror—to free up sink space.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Or use a sponge holder to stash small condiment packets in the fridge

Always looking for the right place to stash super small items in your fridge, such as condiment packets and cheese sticks? Stick a sponge holder or two along the inside walls of your fridge and voila: You’ll never forget that they’re in there.

Keep dust at bay with shower caps

Good news: shower caps can do way more than keep your hair from getting wet in the bathtub. Cover your little-used plates and china with shower caps in your cupboards to protect them from dust and other debris. 

Use an eyeglass case as an on-the-go organizer

Turns out those cheap plastic eyeglass cases you can find at the dollar store are pretty awesome for organizing all sorts of personal items. Use an eyeglass case to keep your go-to items—think tissue, keys, and shopping lists—together in your purse or to organize your jewelry when you travel.