The Single Best Thing You Didn’t Know About Dollar Tree

published Nov 27, 2018
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In case you’re not familiar with the premise of Dollar Tree, here it is: Everything they sell is $1. Wander through the store, and you’ll find everything from dinnerware and kids’ gear to cleaning supplies and home improvement tools—all for a dollar (sometimes you can even get multiples for a buck!). Yes, while some stores with “dollar” in the name have strayed away from selling everything for $1, Dollar Tree has managed to stick with it. Part of the thrill of going to the store is seeing what they’ve got and marveling that, gasp, “this is only $1?”

But beyond the thrill of the hunt, there’s something you might not have known about Dollar Tree that makes it even better: You can buy stuff online (and in bulk, no less!).

This is surprising because, although some budget retailers offer e-commerce, you’d expect that one selling everything for $1 would find it impractical to offer their wares for delivery. And that’s sort of true, because the cost of shipping your $1 item would probably cost, well, more than $1. So here’s how Dollar Tree gets around it: You buy things in bulk.

Buying in bulk is a tried-and-true strategy for keeping prices down and delivering value to customers (ahem, Sam’s and Costco). So, when you shop online at Dollar Tree, you buy things by the case. Sometimes a case is four items, and sometimes it’s 48. The site is super clear about how many units are in each case or what the minimum is before you buy it, so there’s no confusion or complicated checkout.

So, it makes sense that lots of shoppers hit up the Dollar Tree site when they’re planning showers, weddings, and other big parties. This way, they can stock up—without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Beyond large functions, there are other times you’d want to shop some of these bulk items.

For example, the site offers classic white dinnerware (each piece is $1) that you buy in units of six—no problem, since most people want six or 12 place settings when they stock their cabinets. Much of the glassware is available in units of four, six, or 12, including a cool smoky green glass goblet I have my eye on, plus several clear glass options to outfit a new home. A lot of the kids’ stuff comes in larger units, like 48—but if you’re stocking up for a birthday or class party, the numbers make sense. The bulk-but-logical units apply to paper towels, storage containers, plastic wrap, and more—everything still $1 per unit!

Check out some of our favorite bulk buys from Dollar Tree’s website:

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(Image credit: Dollar Tree)

So the next time you’re stocking your pantry or cabinets or planning a party, scroll through the Dollar Tree website first to see if they have what you need. Chances are, they do—in spades.

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