This “Brilliant” $1 Dollar Tree Must-Have Solves Cord Clutter — For Good!

published Mar 22, 2024
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Dollar Tree Discount Store. Dollar Tree offers an eclectic mix of products for a dollar.
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It’s usually true that the simplest solutions are often the best solutions — especially when it comes to living a clutter-free life. And that is definitely true about these removable Dollar Tree wall hooks. As one TikToker pointed out, one or two hooks can tackle your cord clutter and make your home look and feel much more more organized. And for only $1.25 for a set of two, you’ll find endless ways to use these hooks in every room.

“These are my favorite to put on the back of your appliances for cord organization,” Emma Villaneda from The Crafted Studio Co TikTok account shared in a recent video. “I love that they are completely removable and also provide a seamless storage option for your cords. One other spot in my house I love to use these is on the side of my bed or nightstand. This gives you a low-profile storage option for your chargers.”

“That pot cord hack is genius for my crock pot!” one person commented on Villaneda’s TikTok. Another said, “Definitely going to do the cord hack! Brilliant!”

Your Dollar Tree may have the clear hooks in stock, but you can also pick up these trendy wood-grain ones online. These hooks are perfect for sticking to the side of natural wood furniture for that charger hack because they blend in seamlessly. Each pack comes with two hooks (that’s about 60 cents per hook) and each one holds up to 3 pounds. That means you can also use them to hold artwork, pieces of clothing, or even twinkle lights during the holidays. 

But if you’re ready to tackle your cord clutter in one fell swoop, Amazon is selling Command round cord clips in sets of 13 and 40. You’ll be able to hide, stash, and store cords in every room — not just the kitchen.

Grab a pack of these hooks from Dollar Tree or Amazon and take your spring cleaning and organization to the next level.

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