The TikTok-Famous Fan Shoppers Say Will Replace Your AC (It Was Purchased Over 60,000 Times on Amazon Last Month!)

published Jun 18, 2024
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I’m not sure how the TikTok algorithm works, but somehow it always seems to know what’s on my shopping list. Sometimes, it even tells me what I need before I know I need it. A few weeks ago, when the temperature was still sitting around 70℉, a tower fan started to pop up on my For You page. It’s come up dozens of times ever since, and in every video, the creators swear up and down that Dreo’s Nomad One Tower Fan is a total game-changer. One says they’ve been even getting “hotel sleep” ever since placing it in their bedroom, while another claims that it keeps them from sweating during the night.

“I cannot believe that it’s literally like an air conditioner,” the user says in the viral video. “That’s how cool the air that comes out of it. But I definitely recommend it if you’re a hot sleeper and a [ceiling] fan is not good enough for you, because it was not good enough for me.”

With my bedroom feeling like a sauna lately — I try to keep my AC unit switched off to cut down on my energy bill — TikTok has finally convinced me that I need to add this fan to my cart. It seems like other shoppers are in the same boat, because over 60,000 of them have purchased it in the last month on Amazon. Keep reading to find out why the internet is obsessed with this gem. 

What is the Dreo Tower Fan?

This mighty fan packs a lot of punch, despite its compact design that you can place inconspicuously in the corner. It has an all-in-one airflow system that’s paired with a strong motor. It can reach almost 30 feet while it’s running, which makes it perfect for your bedroom, and oscillates 90° to cover more ground. Another aspect TikTok users remarked on was its shockingly low noise level, especially while on sleep mode. The fan’s customizable features also include normal, neutral, and auto modes, along with four speeds. You can control all of them via a remote, which works from anywhere in the room.

AT’s former commerce managing editor, Tamara, is a fan of a similar model from the brand. “It’s so quiet (quieter than a whisper!), I can barely hear it,” Tamara said, adding that she’s received compliments from guests on its sleek appearance. I have no doubt that this version is just as impressive. It doesn’t have thousands of five-star reviews for nothing!

Credit: Dreo

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.6/5

“This fan is the best! It had a lot of power and is very stable. Even when my dog goes crashing into it, it hasn’t fallen down yet! The sleek design makes it easy to fit in any location. Plus the remote makes it easy to control from afar! It really makes a difference with the temperature! It’s relatively quiet and the night mode makes it even more so! I love how well it performs that I had to get a second for the living room. Definitely recommend this!” – Sarah

“The fan at night is super quiet on ‘sleep mode’, so much so that I had to get up and see if it was oscillating to know whether it was on or off. I set it to ‘2’ at night, and it switches back to ‘1’ speed sometime during the night, which is nice, because it keeps you cool with a breeze and does not make the room overly cold. My wife is not a huge fan of the aircon because it makes her feel cold, but she has been sleeping like a baby since we got the fan.” – Amazon Customer

“I love the ‘sleep’ mode — I start it at 3 and it drops to 2 after 30 min, then to 1 after 30 min more for the rest of the night. The remote is great so I don’t have to get up to adjust it. It cools well, has plenty of power for a 10′ x 12′ room, and is easy to move.” – Moto Woman

Whether you’re trying to save money or your AC isn’t cutting it by itself, this fan will solve either problem. It’s even available in white, too, if you want to have it blend into your surroundings even more. Just make sure to grab it sooner rather than later, so you can have the coolest summer possible.

Buy: Dreo Nomad One Tower Fan, $69.99