Here’s What Drew Barrymore Should Do to Get Rid of Her Closet Moths

published Jan 15, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore might be famous, but she can’t escape a common problem ruining favorite sweaters everywhere: moths.

In a rightfully dramatic Instagram post, she shares her dismay and horror as she finds not one but multiple holes in a beige sweater she’s wearing, showing each one in her bathroom. “Exhibit A!” “Exhibit B!” “You guys this is not a joke! I have moths in my closet and they are eating through my clothes,” she exclaimed.

Her 14.9 million followers started chiming in with their best tips, from using lavender oil to freezing the at-risk apparel during the summer. Numerous others recommend against moth balls, which contain carcinogens, while some are just there to commiserate about their own ruined cashmere. So, what’s a celebrity, or the average Joe, to do about moth holes in sweaters? Luckily, there are lots of solutions and prevention methods.

Freezing your clothes is something that can kill off the moths after you’ve discovered that the creatures have invaded your wardrobe. Then, double-check that the clothes that are stored in your closet are completely clean. Moths love dirty sweaters, so that combined with moths loving dark places is a formula for disaster.

To prevent future incidents from happening, consider using cedar for either the closet, dresser, or storage bin itself, as it’s a natural moth repellent. Be sure to revive the scent periodically by sanding it. If you aren’t looking to replace your entire closet, you can purchase cedar in many forms, such as hanging boxes or balls. 

Another preventative method is using herbs or essential oils that moths hate and getting creative with integrating them into your storage areas. You can fill wiffle balls, tea bags, or just a bowl with scents that will repel pesky moths — from lavender to rosemary and lemon. Who wouldn’t love a lavender-scented sweater rather than a moth infested one?

If you’re suffering from the same problem as Barrymore, there’s no shame in it — moths can strike anywhere, and even the most perfectly folded sweaters can fall victim under the right conditions. Go ahead and take it as your cue to splurge on a fabulous new cashmere.