This Free App Helps Avoid the Biggest Disagreements with Your Roommates

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Living with roommates can be the best thing ever. Even if you don’t make lifelong friends, sharing an apartment or house with someone else is a great way to save money and divvy up household chores. However, I’ve learned the hard way that when it comes to making sure everyone does their fair share of chores, things aren’t always pleasant. An overflowing trash bin or a sink full of dirty dishes can quickly ruin your relationship with the people you live with. Throw in an unpaid utility bill or two, and the situation could turn hostile. 

An easy way to avoid any drama is to discuss chores with your roommates before you get settled in your new digs and create a system that’ll keep everyone accountable. A simple chore chart can do the trick, but it requires someone to print it out and update it regularly and fairly (because let’s be honest, no one wants to be stuck cleaning the bathroom for the foreseeable future). Luckily, there’s an easier way to ensure that your roommates don’t slack off on their chores or forget to pay their portion of the electricity bill. It’s called Dwell.

Dwell is a “pocket roommate manager” that promises to make living with roommates a little bit easier. The premise is simple. You download the app, create a new group, and send your roommates an invite so that they can join it, too. Next, it’s time to start splitting up your household chores. You can assign chores to anyone in the group and set due dates to make sure that they get done on time (i.e., before the dishes in the kitchen sink start growing mold). Don’t worry about having to update the app every week: you can set a chore to repeat and cycle through each roommate. 

Because we all know how awkward it is to talk about money with your roommates, the app also lets you split bills. All you have to do is choose a roommate and set an amount. Your roommates will automatically receive a notification when the bill is due. Dwell is like having another, extra responsible roommate.

The founder of Dwell, Nipun Singh, came up with the idea for the app after years of living with roommates. “I noticed that most of the time, chores don’t get done simply because of a lack of organization. Whiteboards and post-its seem outdated and someone has to manually update them all the time anyway.” He goes on to add that, “as more people may choose to live with roommates because of increasing rent prices, I want Dwell to make the shared living experience as frictionless and enjoyable as possible.” To that end, he eventually plans on adding a ton of other cool features to the app, “everything from a grocery store list all the way to smart home connected hardware products.” 

If your roommate situation is getting out of hand, Dwell might be just what you’re looking for. Created a few months ago, the app is currently only available for download on the app store. However, Singh knows that not everyone in a household may have an iOS device, which is why he’s currently working hard on an Android version of the app—so keep your eyes peeled.