What You Should Look for in a Roommate, According to Your Enneagram

published Jan 22, 2020
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Personality quizzes are strangely addicting. To answer a few questions and then sit back while the way your mind works is described to you? That’s basically magic.

One of the most popular quizzes is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a test created by psychiatrist Carl Jung that separates people into 16 psychological groups. (Any other INFJs out there?) Then there’s the enneagram, which consists of nine personality types. It’s based on the idea that most of your dominating traits are inborn. Your enneagram type, then, influences how you adapt to your childhood and, consequently, the rest of your life. 

You can find your type by taking the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator test here. Once you have your results, you’ll be able to use our guide to screening roommates. Ahead, find what to look for in a potential roommate based on your enneagram type. 

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Type 1 could also be called the morality police. If you’re a 1, you care deeply about right and wrong, and you wouldn’t dream of doing something unethical. To keep your sense of justice intact, make sure your roommate is not someone who is OK with bending the rules, especially if their breaches feel dishonest or like they’ll hurt someone.

That means you shouldn’t move in with your friend who wants to sneak her dog into your strictly no-pets-allowed rental. When her “harmless” Maltese mix scratches up the pristine hardwood floors and eats up your security deposit, you’ll be miffed, not to mention embarrassed.

As 1s tend to be perfectionists, a roomie who can’t keep up with dish duty or who constantly leaves their stuff all over is sure to send you over the edge, too. As long as you live with someone who’s as conscientious and responsible as you are, you’re good to go.

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For 2s, a friend in need is a friend indeed. So if your roommate is the type that could use a little guidance, that’s no problem for you, the empathetic and generous Helper. You wouldn’t even mind shacking up with your little sister or a younger cousin. You’re happy to show them the ropes, provided they’re open to your suggestions and appreciative of them.

People who identify as 2s are only human, though, so they may become upset if they feel like they’re being taken advantage of. Look for someone who is happy to let you show them how to KonMari their stuff before move-in day, but would never even think of stiffing you on their half of the rent.

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Achievers are used to setting their sights on a goal and making it happen. If you’re a 3, you may work long hours, and you likely care more than the average person about your appearance and style.

In choosing a roommate, select someone who’s game to join you in your passion for projects. It will be a lot more fun—and rewarding—when you have a partner to help you paint the living room or reupholster that cool vintage chair. 

Because 3s can skew toward an all-work-and-no-play lifestyle, a roommate who will encourage you to take a break every once in awhile could be a positive force in your life. Whether you relax by binging Netflix or prefer a good game of Scrabble, a roommate who enjoys the same leisure activities as you will help you unwind when you come home after a long day.

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The individualist is always in their own head, which is great for creativity, but can also bring about moodiness. People who are 4s tend to spend a lot of time ruminating. You’ll definitely need a roommate who is quiet, respectful, and gives you your space.

You also may be a die-hard romantic, so unless your roommate is already your life partner, don’t even think about moving in with someone for whom you harbor secret romantic feelings. You could end up heartbroken and stuck in a lease with an unrequited crush.

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The Investigator is all about figuring out what makes things tick: Themselves, others, and the world at large. A roommate who is up for a late-night talk that spans everything from science to politics to the restaurant scene in your neighborhood would be an ideal match for a 5.

People who are 5s can be a little eccentric, so make sure your roommate won’t mind if your quirky habits tend to encroach on their space. If you know you need room for your massive jigsaw puzzles, or you regularly cook up elaborate meals that turn the kitchen into a disaster zone, a roomie who can live with a little chaos is ideal.

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While living with a good friend can be a fast-track to destroying the relationship for some, the Loyalist would love to room with their bestie. People who are 6s crave security and support, so living with someone they can count on will check those boxes. 

Loyalists also tend to be anxious people, so avoid anyone that you feel you can’t trust. Living with someone means you’ll have to rely on them for some essential needs, so pick a roommate who you have confidence in to pay the utilities on time—and remembers to turn off the oven. 

As a 6, you also like to put down roots. When you sign a lease, you’re likely planning to live there for at least a few years; you should make sure your roommate is on the same page. 

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Another good name for the Enthusiast would be the Life of the Party. People who are 7s are fun-loving and highly value their freedom. Unlike 6s, 7s are happiest flying by the seat of their pants. That means a flexible and short-term living situation might work best—it’s a good idea to warn your roommate that your plans might change on a dime. 

Enthusiasts also might be a little scatter-brained. A roommate who’s patient enough to deal with you locking yourself out of the apartment for the third time this month is key.

The Enthusiast holds the philosophy that variety is the spice of life, so a roommate who’s cool with switching up the decor at a moment’s notice or having a last-minute get together will ensure you don’t feel like they’re cramping your freewheeling style.

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As the name implies, the Challenger is not afraid of conflict. Steadfast in her beliefs and way of doing things, 8s are not going to take kindly to someone who asks them to change. You should make sure whoever enters into a living situation with you knows that you have strong opinions. Someone who is equally prone to digging their heels in could pose a problem. Choose a roommate who you know will be comfortable with you taking the lead. 

At their most extreme, 8s feel that it’s their way or the highway, so it may be difficult for you to find someone who’s as deferential as you’d like them to be. A roommate whose work or personal life keeps them out of the house most of the time would be ideal, so the Challenger can feel like their home is their castle.

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The Peacemaker excels at getting along with everyone; they could live with just about anybody. As a 9, you’re up for whatever the day—or those around you—calls for, so living with a stranger would be just fine by you. 

People who are 9s avoid conflict at all costs, though, so the one person you should not live with is someone with a temper, or the type who’ll pick fights about anything from whose turn it is to take out the garbage to what the thermostat should be set to at night. The drama will drive you crazy, and you’ll risk letting your roommate walk over you just to avoid a fight.