If You’re Already Over Wrapping Gifts, We’ve Got the Answer for You

published Dec 10, 2019
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Credit: Brett Donar/Stocksy

A beautifully wrapped gift is like art—but it also takes time to do, and when it comes to holiday time, we’re all looking for any shortcut we can get. Plus, if your holiday plans involve air travel, there’s a not-insignificant chance that your gift will be unwrapped by TSA agents before it even makes it under the tree. All that time, wasted!

So this year, here’s a pitch: Skip the gift wrap, and grab a reusable bag for your gift instead. Throw in a little tissue paper and you’re done: It’s both wrapping and gift, adorable and green. Win-win-win-win! Find five of our favorite giftable totes below.

Mini Canvas Tote Bag

Just 7.5 inches wide by about 8 inches tall, this little bag is perfect for small gifts like candles or jewelry.

Buy: Mini Canvas Tote Bag, $12 at Urban Outfitters

Credit: J. Crew

Rainbow Stripe Reusable Tote

This same tote bag is available in a camo print and a leopard print, too.

Buy: Rainbow Stripe Reusable Tote, $10 at J. Crew

Credit: World Market

Jungle Foliage Canvas Tote Bag

Call it holiday in the tropics: This tote bag is splashy and fun amidst a sea of reds and dark greens.

Buy: Jungle Foliage Tote Bag, $5.98 at World Market

Tree Diagram Illustrations Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

The hand-pulled screen print shows off pen-and-ink illustrations of more than 30 species of trees, which is perfect for any of your nature-loving pals.

Buy: Tree Diagram Illustrations Cotton Canvas Tote Bag, $8 at BlackLanternStudio on Etsy

Credit: Baggu

Standard Baggu in Red Tartan

This 40 percent recycled ripstop nylon bag comes in 48 other colors and patterns—which means you’d have to have a long gift list to find yourself wrapping anything with the same pattern twice. Tie the handles together to keep prying eyes from peering at the goods inside (though honestly, how anyone would want to look past the colorful outside is beyond me).

Buy: Standard Baggu in Red Tartan, $12 at Baggu