This Book Is Full of Good Home DIY Ideas—Here Are Some of Our Favorites

published Jun 7, 2019
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Decorating a home or apartment can be a long, intimidating process for many, so finding smaller, manageable projects with a huge impact is always a win. I’ve seen friends wallpaper their bedrooms in the span of a weekend and create an entirely new living space practically overnight. Spray painting an old mirror or side table is another quick fix that completely changes a room.

I just finished reading “Insta-style for Your Living Space” by Joanna Thornhill, and I’m totally inspired. Thornhill shares the tips above plus several others on how to quickly transform a space on the cheap. Below are a few of my favorite takeaways that I’m bookmarking for my next free weekend.

Printer’s tray display

Thornhill suggests shopping for a vintage printer’s tray and using it as an innovative shelf for knickknacks and other special items. A wide array of these trays are available on Etsy and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Can’t find one you like? Thornhill includes a DIY guide to make your own using strips of wood—no drilling required!

Painted canvas headboard

Finding a stylish, affordable headboard can be a major undertaking—not to mention a hassle to install—so Thornhill’s tip to hang a colorful canvas behind the bed instead is a great call. The most frugal option is purchasing your own materials from the local craft store and creating a custom piece, but you can also browse online for a pre-made option that matches your bedroom’s color scheme.

One option is this painting from World Market, which is a sizable 52 inches wide—roughly the size of a full bed. (If you’re looking for more inspo, check out some DIY headboard hacks here.)

Decorative stepstool

Make a purely functional wooden step stool extra fun by adding some color in the form of craft paper—simply glue it in any pattern you choose. Thornhill then advises painting on a few coats of decorator’s varnish to protect your handiwork. A customized stool actually makes for a great nightstand, and affordable, unfinished step stools can be found everywhere from garage sales to Amazon!